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Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse and Dimora Gaming Mouse Pad

Posted December 5, 2013 by Mike in Peripherals







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: Nascita: $97 DImora: $36 Only available at feenixcollection.com


Nascita: Excellent construction, premium materials used, driver-free use, adjustable DPI on-the-fly, extra Teflon feet provided, soft white LED lighting Dimora: Sturdy construction, fast surface for rapid and effortless mouse movement, stays firmly in place Excellent customer support with individualized attention


Pricey, lacks some of the extra buttons and macro options of competing products (if you're in to that sort of thing)
The Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse and Dimora Gaming Mouse Pad are premium items worthy every penny of the premium price.
by Mike
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It isn’t very often that you get your hands on fairly exclusive gear. It’s even less frequent that once you get to use said exclusive gear you are capable of justifying the exclusive price tag that comes with it. Feenix, a boutique gaming accessory manufacturer, aims to deliver the highest quality gaming experience that fits into exactly such a scenario with the Feenix Nascita gaming mouse and the Dimora gaming mouse pad.


These two products were designed with the expressed intent of delivering as perfect a gaming experience for the user as is humanly possible with naught but the finest parts, looks and attention to detail available today. With their steep asking prices, are they truly worth it for the sake of an exclusive experience? Read on and see for yourself!

About Feenix



We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you all a little bit more about Feenix than the typical blurb that we usually give at the bottom of the front page of the review. Largely this is because most of our readership might not even realize that Feenix is a thing at all (this reviewer certainly didn’t). As a boutique peripheral manufacturer based out of Southern California, their current product lineup consists of The nascita Gaming Mouse, the Dimora Gaming Mouse Pad and the Autore Mechanical Keyboard, with something called the Aria in development at present. As it is said to be “an extraordinary acoustic experience” we can surmise that it has something to do with your sound experience, but that’s about all we have on it at the moment… and that’s it. To some this seems like an incredibly small lineup of products, but Feenix is a company that prefers to keep the quality of their products as high as possible with the most exclusive ownership base possible to make sure that every single unit produced (there are only 1000 units in total that are produced each month at most). Rest assured that as an owner of a Feenix peripheral you will be one of the few who, according to them, get “a gaming instrument of utmost excellence.”

All of their engineering is done in-house and lead by three individuals who guide all of their hardware/software engineers, designers, machinists, etc. to produce what they feel is the most perfect gaming peripheral imaginable. As of current events they are even working in-house to develop a game currently known as “project DRAGON.” How cool is that? Product registration is done exclusively through e-mail on their website, going directly to their Owner Relations executive¬†Louis Valetta; product purchase is also done exclusively through their website: you typically won’t find Feenix products on retail shelves because of the exclusive nature of the product lineup, which ensures that the only shipping done is from their hands to yours which reduces the likelihood of issues occurring in transit due to rough package handlers.

To read more on Feenix as a company and to peruse their catalog follow the link above to their home page. In short, they are about as passionate as they come when discussing the perfect gaming experience and want to offer those that want nothing but the best exactly that: the best.




    Wow! The mouse looks pretty good! Love the logo. I haven’t heard about Feenix before..


    As an serious gamer fan, I just needed to comment here to you a
    quick word or two too say thank you for putting this nice iece up.

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