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FAVI Entertainment Smart Stick/Keyboard

Posted November 14, 2013 by Joe Kershner in







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Price at time of Review: 4 GB Smart Stick $49.99; 8 GB Smart Stick $79.99; Wireless Keyboard $38.00


Smart Stick: Affordable upgrade to Smart TV, fully functional browser, supports SD cards, 1080P, media streaming Keyboard: Fully functional, laser pointer, compact, long lasting battery with power save mode, touch pad


Smart Stick: Requires 3rd party software for media streaming, doesn't allow direct network access Keyboard: No on/off button for laser
If you're looking for the benefits of having a Smart TV but can't afford a new set, the FAVI Smart Stick is a quick and affordable solution. The FAVI Wireless Keyboard is a great addition to using the Smart Stick and should minimize browsing hassles instead of using the onboard keyboard.
by Joe Kershner
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The Smart Stick is a great cost efficient way to convert your older HDMI compatible TV into a Smart TV. Based on the Android 4.0 operating system, it makes it easy to navigate and transfer through your Google account. The Smart Stick is available in either 4 or 8 GB, which is easily upgrade-able up to 32GB using the external SD slot. The installation process was extremely easy navigate as was its fully functional browser. The only issue is that it doesn’t allow direct access to a local network share and must go through the PLEX media share program that is pre-installed.

The keyboard is a perfect compact size. It is easily capable of traveling and connecting to any device that has an open USB port. It also makes it easy to use and a great replacement for those inconvenient on-screen keyboards. The laser and battery saving mode are great features to have while having a quick recharge time of four hours. The mouse pad is yet another great feature, although it’s small in size, its not overly sensitive and doesn’t drag either.

There’s really not much to complain about with the Smart Stick. The inability to connect directly to a shared network is a minor quibble. Also, the keyboard functions almost exactly like the one you are used to on your computer. Still, it may get a bit frustrating to hold down command keys for minimal functions. All products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The 4GB Smart Stick was found on Newegg.com for $49.99, the 8GB for $79.99 while the Wireless FE02-RF Keyboard is listed as $38.00 USD at the time of this review. I would highly recommend purchasing the wireless keyboard with the Smart Stick together to reduce the hassle of navigation. As a packaged unit, the FAVI Entertainment Smart Stick and Keyboard earns the PureOverclock Great Hardware Award.



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