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Evercool Silent Shark CPU Cooler Review

Posted February 27, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $49.99 on Newegg.com


Great performance over the stock AMD stock Cooler, Push/Pull configuration Fan set-up. Adjustable outer fan.


Blocking DIMMs with Tall Heat Spreaders, May pose problems in smaller cases.
If you are looking for a cooler that meets price and performance factors, then the Silent Shark is a great option while giving the user some additional flex ability
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by Kenny
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To sum things up, lets go back and talk about this cooler’s aesthetic appeal. While this cooler was interesting by design, we though that the plastic shroud was a nice touch. However it can be cumbersome as its the only way the fans are mounted to the cooler. This can pose some problems with the set-up. In our opinion, we felt that if there was an alternative mounting solution for the fans this would give the users additional options to change or add to the cooler.¬†The cooler itself was of great quality, the brushed finished aluminum fins were precise and were clear of any¬†imperfections. While the top did have some slight markings, it was not anything that was worth taking away from the cooler. At the base of the cooler we did find a slight stain. This was minor and as with any pure copper base cooler, some oxidation or stain will occur. We didn’t take anything away from this since it didn’t effect the cooling performance of the cooler itself.

When it came to its performance, the Evercool Silent Shark performed great by being able to maintain lower temps compared to the stock cooler. Not only that, but it was able to keep the FX8350 overclocked at 4.6ghz under 54c at full load, with the LNA adapter. When it comes to the fans, they did run a bit on the loud side at full load without the LNA. However if you are looking for silent operation the LNA will come in handy.

We had some concerns with the cooler size. While we didn’t have this installed in a case, but rather a test bench, so case fitment were not an issues for us. You may want to keep in mind as this cooler is quite large, especially if you account for the adjustable outer fan position. We can see some potential issues with a smaller case.

At the price point of $49.99 on Newegg.com at the time of the review, we find it to be a great value. The warranty of the cooler is only 1 year and we felt it was quite short. The Silent Shark shows with its performance that it is a great cooler for the money. We give this cooler our Good Hardware Review.



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