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EverCool AIOLUS II Notebook Cooler

Posted November 9, 2013 by Joe Kershner in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: 33.99


Lightweight, Great Performance, Affordable


Would have liked to seen rear intakes on the bottom fans, Does not support laptops with rear exhaust.
If you're looking for a lightweight and affordable cooler for your laptop, the cooling performance from the AIOLUS II is definitely worth checking out.
by Joe Kershner
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I performed stress tests using Prime 95. Each test was performed using different features of the cooler and speeds. The first laptop used is a newer Dell Inspiron that had decent temps “as is.” Before we get started on the testing, here’s a shot of the laptop resting on the cooler.



As we can see here, the idle temps are extremely low for a laptop with stock cooling.
For the next process, I wanted to see how the stock cooling performed in a 1 hour stress test without any help. As we can see, the system temps peaked at around 48 to 53c while the hard drive hit 37c. That’s still not bad; let’s see if the cooler can improve on these temps.
The next test performed was only using the dual 70mm fans at the bottom of the cooling pad. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any change in the system or CPU temps. However, the hard drive temps were reduced by 4c.
Hopefully the blower on low will show some improvement on the CPU and system temps. After allowing the computer to drop down to idle temps, I performed the same 1 hour stress test while using the pad fans as well as the blower on low. Now these are the results I’ve been wanting to see; the blower on low was able to keep temps 10c lower than the stock cooler as well as lowering the hard drive by 8c. Well done Evercool!
Anybody curious to see how the blower helps on High? I know that I am. Ok, so here we repeated the process by waiting for the system to drop down to its idle temps and performing a 1 hour test. There is a small change as the blower on high was able to lower system and CPU temps by another 2c. Not bad at all!
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