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EpicGear Defiant MMS Mechanical Keyswitches Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted February 6, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $75.99-88.99 on Amazon with Prime, MMS Keyswitches are $14.99 for solid color pack on Amazon


Sturdy and Quality feel to the build, Modular switches allow easy replacement, Incredibly competitive pricing, Switches feel great to use. Do I dare say that they fell better than Cherry MX Reds and Browns? (Yeah, I do)



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by Josh Jackson
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I’ve been waiting an entire review to say that what EpicGear has done with the Defiant lives up to it’s name of Epic! The modular design, customization options, quality and performance are exceptional on this keyboard. What kills me is that EpicGear gave me a board that feels better than Cherry MX Reds or Browns. I’m still not sure if I’m allowed to say it or not, but I can’t help but think the MMS keyswitches are something special here. The software isn’t the most polished, but it worked well. Honestly, the worst nitpick I could point out is the orange color on certain parts. That’s it!

Defiant Modular

Holy crap! I just found a Defiant with the orange switches for a meager $76 on Amazon with Prime shipping!!! Do I even need to say more!?! I suppose I’ll mention that it seems like the original MSRP is around $90, which is still a great price in my opinion. This is a great keyboard and I don’t know why it’s so cheap. I’ve seen boards with Kailh switches go cheaper, but after having a Kailh board at work for a year or two now, there’s no comparison to what EpicGear is offering here. Also, a pack of 24 replacement switches will only set you back $15. Once again, I think that’s an excellent price. You saw it coming so here it is, the EpicGear Defiant MMS Mechanical Keyswitches Gaming Keyboard gets an easy Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award. Great job EpicGear!


Defiant Grey Switch

Defiant Orange Switch

Defiant Purple Switch

EpicGear Amazon

EpicGear Newegg




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