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EpicGear Defiant MMS Mechanical Keyswitches Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted February 6, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $75.99-88.99 on Amazon with Prime, MMS Keyswitches are $14.99 for solid color pack on Amazon


Sturdy and Quality feel to the build, Modular switches allow easy replacement, Incredibly competitive pricing, Switches feel great to use. Do I dare say that they fell better than Cherry MX Reds and Browns? (Yeah, I do)



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by Josh Jackson
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Features and Specifications


Let’s just go through the features on the keyboard at this point since the specs seem to relate more to the actual switches. An important note I found in the manual is the roll-over feature. N-Key is enabled when the PgUp button is lit up, while 6-Key is enabled by the FN + PgDn to light that up. While 6-Key is more than enough for the average gamer, I don’t know why you would have that option when you have N-Key as well. Still, the Defiant is all about customization and this isn’t going to hurt to have by any means.

EG Defiant Features EG Defiant Features 2 EG Defiant Features 3

MMS Mechanical Switch

MMS stands for Modular-matrix Structure. It basically means you can swap the switches out. What’s interesting about these guys is how they all seem to have the same specs. The 50g actuation force is comparable to Cherry Blues, but it’s a tad more than the 45g force of Cherry Reds and Browns. What’s killing me about these switches is the fact that they have a 1.5mm actuation point. Compared to almost every other switch, that’s pretty low! In fact, only Cherry Silvers and Razer Yellows, both which are pretty new, have less of an actuation point at 1.2mm. Keep this in mind because this is going to play a key point in the testing and conclusion.


  • EG MMS™ – Modular-matrix Structure mechanical switches
  • Switch Types:

-EG Grey: Linear
-EG Orange: Tactile
-EG Purple: Tactile & Audible Click

  • Actuation Point: 1.5±0.2mm
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Bottom Travel: 4mm
  • Life Span: 70-million keystrokes
  • High-strength alloy contact plates
  • Double-blade contact points, patented
  • Dual-cross contacting area, patented
  • 30μ gold plated contacting area
  • Package includes 24 pcs of switches and a 2-in-1 keycap & switch puller
  • 6 months manufacture warranty*
*Note: EpicGear manufacture warranty covers defects caused by manufacturing. The warranty does not cover wear and tear, including but not limited to breakage caused by abuse, improper usage, water damage or other causes outside of the manufacturing process.
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