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EpicGear Defiant MMS Mechanical Keyswitches Gaming Keyboard Review

Posted February 6, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $75.99-88.99 on Amazon with Prime, MMS Keyswitches are $14.99 for solid color pack on Amazon


Sturdy and Quality feel to the build, Modular switches allow easy replacement, Incredibly competitive pricing, Switches feel great to use. Do I dare say that they fell better than Cherry MX Reds and Browns? (Yeah, I do)



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by Josh Jackson
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Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you hit it off with that person right away? I had that feeling with EpicGear at CES 2017. To be fair, they had shiny new tech and that kind of thing usually happens with my extroverted personality anyways. Still, EG had an impressive CES display and now we get the opportunity to take an up close and personal look at their equipment. EG is a subsidiary of Geil, who you probably recognize for the RAM products. EG however, is specializing in gaming peripherals and I like the concepts they are trying to succeed on.

Today we’re going to start the reviews with the Defiant Keyboard and the MMS Mechanical Keyswitches. That’s because we’ll also have a mouse, a cable manager and headset reviews coming shortly hereafter. It seems like EG is offering some great options in the gaming peripheral market, but we’ll need to take a closer look to really get a feel for how “Epic” their gear actually is. While I’m not worried about their chances, let’s first take a look at a beautiful logo I cropped out of the website and a quick statement about the company. By the way, did you know GeIL was an acronym? It was news for me as well.

Epicgear logo

EpicGear About



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