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Epic Gear Meduza

Posted April 10, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Epic Gear is a fairly new company on the scene, but they do have a pedigree of which to be proud. They are an offshoot of the well-known PC memory maker, Geil. Anyone who has been around computers and gaming for more than a few years will likely know the Geil name. They are synonymous with affordable, quality PC enthusiast memory. We have had excellent personal experiences with the brand and recommend them without reservation.

Geil has recently expanded their reach into Power Supply Units and Gaming Accessories with their new offshoot companies Thortech and Epic Gear.

Today, we have the Epic Gear MEDUZA HDST gaming mouse in the house, and we cannot help but be a little excited. There are plenty of full-featured gaming mice on the market these days, but most of them command a hefty price. If you pay less for a gaming mouse, you usually get fewer capabilities with which to use in your gaming experience. The only way for a manufacturer to effectively stand out from the crowd is to offer something that the other guys do not. It should be something useful that really works to make a better product. And, they should offer their new product at an attractive price. Today we will see if Epic Gear has achieved this magic combination with their brand new Meduza HDST.



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