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Enzotech Stealth CPU Water Block

Posted August 1, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Some of you may not be familiar with Enzotech but they hold the footing in providing cooling solutions for the most major OEM companies such as Intel and AMD with their high performance heatsinks and coolers.  Enzotech specializes in metal forming and developing component heat control products for personal computers and servers.  For over the last few years, the company is not only manufacturing air cooling products but they have expanded into the water cooling market with water blocks.

Today I have the opportunity to introducing you the latest flagship CPU water block from Enzotech, the “Stealth”.  Yes, you heard it right;  Stealth is very popular name being used in computer world; such as Stealth PC, Stealth VGA water block, Stealth Reservoir, Stealth Radiator and of course Stealth Fan…..just to name a few.  

On the other hand, the Enzotech Stealth CPU water block’s design is apparently inspired by the F-117 Nighthawk jet fighter built with stealth technology.  They didn’t just use the Stealth name to represent the quiet operation, but also the aesthetics as well.

Fortunately, PureOC’s radar detected the Stealth CPU water block in the hangar and we’re lucky enough to have captured one for review.  Today’s mission is to take a tour of this new flagship CPU water block from Enzotech, so strap in flyboy, you’re the wingman for the review.

“Founded in 1982, Enzotech has been striving to provide cooling solutions for a variety of servers that require high efficiency and 24-hour power stability. With the on-going innovation and challenges in the computer industry, Enzotech has become a leading innovator in designing unique material forming technology. Along with its OEM experiences with companies such as AMD and Intel, they also have the reputation as being one of the worlds’s most advanced high-performance heat sink manufacturer.  Enzotech is committed to provide customers with world-class high quality products that are delivered in a cost effective manner, resulting in a win-win situation for all. Enzotech continues to not only develop custom cooling solutions for its OEM customers, but plans launch state-of-the-art products in the retail market to its PC users. Our customer’s support and interests are greatly appreciated.”



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