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Enermax TwisterOdio 16 Notebook Cooler

Posted November 19, 2013 by Mike in Cooling







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Release Date: Available now
Price at time of Review: $39.99


Visually pleasing, extremely good sound, silent fan operation and adjustable fan speeds


Cooling only as good as your existing solution, no USB pass through
Because it is portable, lightweight, and offers great sound, the Enermax TwisterOdio 16 is a great solution for the small notebook user on the go.
by Mike
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Final Thoughts


After everything has been said and done, we have a very conservative offering from Enermax considering they are known for designs that stick out in a crowd in a big way. Even taking into account the DreamBass audio solution, which is very good at this price point, everything else about the TwisterOdio16 is very classy and subdued, including performance. That’s not to say that it’s not worthy of your hard-earned coin. It just means that if you are looking for a super high performance pad you will need to shell out more money for something a bit more robust, which Enermax offers in the form of their AeroOdio and Aeolus Vegas coolers. This one fits into a pricing bracket that makes this cooling pad EXTREMELY competitive when you break it all down. Sure there are others that offer things like triple fan cooling, but not everyone wants to deal with all of that noise. Also, there are others that are full aluminum with gigantic fans, but not everyone wants to carry that around everywhere they go. This was clearly intended for the mobile user on the go who wants a comfortable experience above all else and the TwisterOdio 16 certainly appears to fit the bill.


Admittedly we were a bit disappointed at the lack of a USB pass through cable for the sake of retaining USB functionality on that port, but most modern notebooks have plenty enough USB expansion that this shouldn’t be a problem for most users. At the very least the speakers won’t be taking up any of your USB ports since they pass sound through your headphone jack. We also feel that the lack of a fully open mesh top may be holding back some of the cooling performance. While each individual hole is rather large by itself, the fact that it is not of mesh design means that there is probably a bit less space for the air to flow through than normal. Just remember that even though this isn’t meant to be a top tier performer, the better your notebook can cool by itself the better this notebook cooling pad should perform.

Ultimately any shortcomings don’t hold back the TwisterOdio 16 from being an all-around great product for a great price. It’s light, easily portable, and the DreamBass audio sounds great. Therefore, according to our Magic “Rate” Ball, all signs point to a Great Hardware award in this product’s future. A bit better on the cooling performance and this would have edged straight into Editor’s Choice, so it only just missed out.

Enermax TwisterOdio 16 – CP008

A big thanks to Enermax for sending us the TwisterOdio16 for review, and as always please feel free to discuss this and other PC-related topics in our forums.



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