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Enermax Revolution DUO 700W Gold PSU Review

Posted February 24, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $96.99 on Amazon and Newegg


Nice outer design, Great practical level of performance, Fan noise is easily controlled, Includes good quality cable management strips


Non modular design and the wire colors show between the connectors and the heat shrink
If you're worried your PSU doesn't get enough airflow because of your case design, the Revolution Duo has a great solution for that. Enermax seems to be offering a great unit here, but the price is keeping it in a highly competitive bracket, making it harder to stand out.
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by Josh Jackson
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From a practical standpoint, we have a very solid unit. The Revolution Duo looks good on the outside, feels pretty solid and our performance was great for the expectations we had from the unit. When you look at best practices of buying a PSU unit to safely exceed your required wattage, Enermax did a great job for our test bench. The only major complaint I came across was the lack of modular cables. When it comes to cable management, I think every Gold rated unit should at least come with a semi-modular design since that makes it so much easier on the builder in the long run. Once again, this was not a highly technical review with lots of detailed testing, but I doubt many freelance reviewers are investing their family’s savings to buy thousands of dollars worth of the necessary equipment either.

Enermax Revo Duo Conclusion Image

Conclusions seem to boil down to the price of the product many times, but in the case of the Revolution Duo, I think the retail cost is going to be a much larger factor than it usually is. I found a $97 price on both Amazon and Newegg. Considering the Gold rating and the dual fan feature, the price isn’t unreasonable in and of itself. What hurts the Duo is the competition though. There are numerous Gold rated units with a full modular design, that are priced at nearly an identical point as what Enermax is offering, some even offering higher wattage. The dual fan design is a great idea, but I don’t know if it’s enough to overcome the full modular designs and great performance of other units. If Enermax was able to drop the price by about $20, then it would be positioned in a much better bracket to stand out in. As it is, I think it would take a fully modular design to compete well with it’s current pricing bracket.

Ultimately, it’s only my two cents worth on the thoughts above though. The important part is that this unit still seems like a great product based on my experience with it. The unit runs cool, which is a minor indication of efficiency, but more importantly, it kept my system from having any stability problems. The PSU market has become a very competitive place, but I don’t believe anyone would be disappointed if they ended up with this unit. Since that’s the case, we happily award the Enermax Revolution Duo 700W PSU the Pureoverclock Great Hardware Award!


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