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Enermax NEOChanger RGB Reservoir and Pump Combo Review

Posted July 27, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $114.04 on Newegg


Nice Aesthetics, Solid Build Quality, Great Performance, Plenty of Accessories, Really Good Price


Didn't come with free GPU blocks
Is it just lack of experience talking, or did Enermax completely nail this reservoir/pump combo? I think it's just the NEOChanger knocks it out of the park!
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by Josh Jackson
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Features and Specifications

The obvious feature I want to point out here is the RGB lighting, but there’s much more going on on this unit. Enermax includes a digital pump speed meter on the base to easily tell RPM. The NEOChanger not only has it’s own LED control, but it can also sync to your motherboard’s RGB header as well.

Perfect for Case Modding

Unique RGB LED Reservoir and PumpDigital Pump Speed Meter

ENERMAX NEOChanger is DIY liquid cooling pump combo kits (pump and reservoir). The kits feature incredible RGB LED lighting that is designed to be controlled via either the included remote control or RGB-sync-ready motherboards; the included 3-in-1 remote control enables users to easily adjust LED colors, lighting effects, and pump speed. What’s more, patented digital speed meter is built on the pump, revealing real time pump speed. NEOChanger is available in 200ml, 300ml, and 400ml capacity to meet different application needs.

Unique RGB LED Reservoir and Pump
NEOChanger combines a pump and a reservoir for water-cooled PCs. The RGB LED solution features at least 256 colors for users to create the preferred lighting effects to match themes of the rigs, which makes NEOChanger a perfect element for case modding.

Synchronisable RGB lighting via Motherboard (4-pin RGB header)
Compatible with the onboard 4-pin RGB header(s) on motherboards to synchronize with other RGB components in case.
Digital Pump Speed Readout
Patented digital panel indicating real time pump speed allows users to identify the speed in use. Through the included remote control, users can easily adjust the pump speed to reach high cooling performance or silent operations.

Pump Speed: 1500 ~ 4000(±10%)RPM

User-friendly 3-in-1 Remote Control
The cooling kits contain a 3-in-1 remote control for users to effortlessly adjust LED colors, lighting effects and pump speed. No APP or software is required!
Magnetic Silicone Cover for the Remote Control
Silicone cover provides the great protection for the control; the magnetic design helps the remote control to be easily accessed and stored.

3 Models Available for Various Applications NEOChanger comes with 3 capacity models:
ELC-NC100RGB (200ml), ELC-NC150RGB (300ml) and
ELC-NC200RGB (400ml) to fulfill different application needs.
Easy and Flexible Application
The included brackets enable users to mount the NEOChanger vertically or horizontally depending on the configuration users prefer. Fittings support G1/4” ports.

The huge benefit of a custom loop is the strength of the pumps. The 900 L/h flow rate of the this unit is pretty strong. To put this in comparison, the Swiftech Drive X2 units have a rate of 660 L/h and your average CLC pump only has a meager flow rate of maybe, 150 L/h.

Dimensions 93.2 x 94 x 195.3 mm 93.2 x 94 x 245.3 mm 93.2 x 94 x 295.3 mm
Capacity 200 ml 300 ml 400 ml
Material PPS, Aluminum, PMMA
Pump Bearing Ceramic nano PI bearing
Pump MTBF 100,000 hours
Maximum Head Delivery 5.2 m
Maximum Flow Rate 900 L/h
Input Voltage 12 V
Connector SATA
Pump Speed 1500 ~ 4000 (±10%) RPM
Screw Thread G1/4″
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