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Enermax MaxTytan 800W, RevoBron 700W Power Supply Review

Posted November 21, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $199.99 and $69.99 Respectively


Excellent Quality, Great Performance, Very Solid Aesthetics, Unique Features in the Market, SLEEMAX!!!


None for the MaxTytan, RevoBron can be pricey when not on sale

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by Josh Jackson
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I’m getting pretty used to extremely strong showings from Enermax/Lepa. The MaxTytan is an excellent unit that performs well, looks great and adds some unique features to the market. The RevoBron definitely does something new, but the market will have to decide how much it wants the CoolerGenie. Still, it’s hard to argue with how much quality Enermax puts into their bronze units here. The review is almost a slam dunk, but we have to consider value as well.

The MaxTytan runs about $200 on Amazon and while that price seems steep, it is the price you pay for Titanium efficiency. Some units are a bit cheaper on Newegg, but you won’t have the option for Prime shipping. I found I might save $20, but I would definitely claim that SleeMax is worth the extra few bucks. The MaxTytan is a spot-on value in my opinion. The RevoBron is a bit of a different story in how competitive the bronze segment is. At the time of my video recording, the unit was running the retail price of $90, but Black Friday is right around the corner. Currently, the unit is sitting pretty at $70. That price puts it at the bottom end of the spectrum and considering the included CoolerGenie, ends up being a great deal.

Enermax is a company that belongs in the high end of components. Quality is important and I have to say, this company always seems to be at the top tier in comparison to other companies I’ve had experience with. It makes their budget units a bit more expensive, but units like the MaxTytan are extremely competitive since the price range is easier to stay in range with. The MaxTytan is one of my favorite PSUs I’ve seen. As much as I want RGB lighting, until a company does that at the modular connections, the MaxTytan is on the top of my list with SleeMax and earns an easy Pure Overclock Editor’s Choice Award! The RevoBron is a great unit in the bronze segment and easily earns the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award!

Enermax MaxTytan

Enermax RevoBron





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