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Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review

Posted November 7, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $139.99
A great cooler for the TR4 socket, but unnecessary for other sockets.
by Josh Jackson
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While my experiment didn’t yield the results I was hoping for, the LIQTech TR4 II managed to impress regardless. The cooler performed admirably and the need to have additional mounting hardware for other sockets is unmerited. Enermax made this cooler exclusively for AMD’s Threadripper and that decision seems like the best choice.

Design wise, the cooler is excellent. The splash of RGB lighting nicely compliments the rest of the package. My only recommendation for Threadripper would be to avoid the 240 version. The 280 or 360 variants seem to make a lot more sense for chips that can have a lot of heat output. That said, the $133-$140 (pending sales) price on Newegg is pretty competitive. If you want a nice cooler for Threadripper, the Enermax LIQTech TR4 II is an excellent option to consider.

Why You’ll Love this Product

  • Owner of TR4 Motherboard
  • Professional aesthetics
  • Quality Build at a Good Value
  • Case only has room for 240mm CLCs

Why You’ll Pass on this Product

  • Literally any socket but TR4
  • RGB Lighting is too little for light lovers, and too much for the anti-RGB crowd
  • 280 and 360 variants will offer way better cooling for Threadripper




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