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Enermax LIQTech TR4 II CPU Cooler Review

Posted November 7, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $139.99
A great cooler for the TR4 socket, but unnecessary for other sockets.
by Josh Jackson
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Packaging and Accessories

Traditionally speaking, Enermax has done an excellent job on packaging. The box here is no exception. It has a great design on the outside, and the cardboard insert helps space the product from the edges so the cooler is nicely protected. While not uncommon for CPU coolers, the packaging here is easily reused as well.

An interesting aspect of the LIQTech TR4 II is that there isn’t very many mounting pieces of hardware. The Threadripper socket has built in mounts around the chip, so Enermax doesn’t have to add much. That said, we’re going to mod this for AM4 so the hardware is little use to us. The manual is simple enough, but has adequate details in my opinion to help users with the install process.

LIQTech TR4 II Closer Look

In most ways, the LIQTech TR4 II is very similar to other CLC products. The radiator is typical aluminum construction, the hoses have a braided sleeve finish, and the block has the Enermax logo proudly on display. However, a couple of details help this cooler stand out. I really appreciate the rugged aesthetic additions to the radiator and fans. While it forgoes the fancy RGB illumination that other CLCs opt for, it coincides with a more professional look as well.

When it comes time to stand out, the ginormous size of the block tells you what this cooler is about. The cold plate is designed to cover the entire heat spreader of a Threadripper CPU. The concept is a great idea for helping with cooling performance. However, I’m curious if the larger block will also help with mainstream Ryzen cooling. It’s time to get the drill out because we’re going to do some modding!

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