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Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W

Posted November 4, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Specifications & Package

From Enermax: "It is all about efficiency, so goes the public mind. But being 82+ efficient was the minimum goal for our engineers. We wanted to create the best PSU series in any regard and to have a worthy successor to our 1kW-class defining GALAXY & GALAXY DXX series?. By making GALAXY EVO as the world?s first PSU to be FUTURE CPU ready! & FUTURE GPU ready!, we have achieved it!"

  • 82PLUS ready!
    High performance PSU series with max. 89% efficiency@20-100% load. Certified by 80 PLUS? organization

  • 12 CPU/GPU
    The world’s most advanced design supporting the most diverse CPU, GPU & drive connector configurations.

  • FUTURE GPU ready!
    Ready for most upcoming CPU generations by 12P sockets for possible connector changes,by six massive 12V rails for perfect load distribution & by ZERO LOAD Design for Hybrid Mode functions.

  • 24/7 @ 50°C ready!
    Non-Stop industrial class performance at 50°C/122°F ambient.

  • AHD? Topology
    Industry-leading ?Asymmetric Hybrid DC-to-DC? topology with the world?s highest efficiency & most stable performance.

  • SILENT ready!
    Ultra-quiet 13.5cm fan with intelligent RPM control guarantees cool performance and silent operation.

  • SafeGuard
    Industrial-leading “Asymmetric Hbrid DC-toDC” topology with the world’s highest efficiency & stability.

  • HeatGuard
    Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolong system lifetime.

  • PowerGuard
    PSU status monitor with 4-mode LED (Off / Stand-by / OK / Fail)

  • SERVER Ready!
    SSI PSDG 2009 support for latest Intel? Core? Extreme/i7, Xeon? and AMD? Opteron? and SLI? or CrossFireX? and AMD GAME! or AMD GAME! Ultra systems and downward compatible with SSI PSDG 2008 1.0, EPS12V 2.92, 2.91, 2.8.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Model: EGX1250EWT-01
  • Max DC Output: 1044W
  • DC Output: +3.3V, +5V+, +12V1, +12V2, +12V3, +12V4, +12V5, +12V6, -12V, +5VSB
  • Max Output Current: 25A, 25A, 30A, 30A, 30A, 30A, 30A, 30A, 0.6A, 0.5A
  • Combined Power: 170W, 1248W (104A), 7.2W, 25W
  • Total Power: 1250W
  • Peak Power: 1500W
  • Input Frequency Range: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • PFC: Active PFC(PF>0.95 at Full Load)
  • Efficiency: 85%~88% at 20%~100% loading
  • MTBF: >100,000 hours at 70% of full rated load, 230VAC/50Hz, 25°C
  • Dimension: 150 (w) x 86 (h) x 190 (d) mm
  • Weight: 2.95kg (without modular cables)
  • Cooling System: Ultra quiet 135mm fan

The Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W is packaged in a black box, with the front ahving the prerequisite product photos and the back of the box contains the necessary information regarding major features, cables, and specifications. It’s a rather straightfoward aesthetics given the beast that sits inside.

When you initially open the box you’re confronted with smaller boxes that seem to fit together like a little puzzle. Everything is individually boxed and packaged extremely well, with no worries about movement or damage during transit. The accessories contain everything you should need, including manual, cable pouch, power velcro cable ties, the modular cables themselves, and an impressively thick 14 gauge power cable. This is a very complete package, one of the better ones we’ve seen, even among kilowatt+ units.

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Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W
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Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W
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Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W
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Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250W

Let’s take a closer look at the exterior now.

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