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Enermax DreamBass Genie

Posted March 29, 2012 by Jake in PC Audio







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by Jake
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As gadgets go, some of us, including me, tend to take things for granted or sometimes remain skeptical. For instance, looking at the Enermax DreamBass Genie my first thoughts were “how good could this little thing be?” I was not only pleasantly surprised, but for what it is worth, I was also impressed by the punch packed in such a small package. True, it looks too small and simple to be effective, but often that’s the best approach. There’s nothing complicated here, and it just works.

Not only did it boost my sound considerably, it also brought my music to life! The highs had enhanced clarity, the lows were more powerful and punchier, and the mid-range was cleaner and easier to understand.
The game play was improved as well. I could actually hear things around me in this game that were not discernible before from onboard audio, and the concussion from explosions was harder hitting with the bass enhancement. The background and long distance sounds were also clearer.

Audiophiles may scoff at the DreamBass Genie, but this product really isn’t designed for such people. It’s designed as a quick, simple, and affordable audio enhancement for the mainstream. And it does that rather well, especially if you’re on a laptop. Just be careful you don’t break it though.

At a price point of just $30, the DreamBass Genie from Enermax is a smart little investment for better audio quality on the go.

Enermax DreamBass Genie



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