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Enermax Coenus

Posted August 15, 2013 by James Taylor in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $54.99 @ Micro Center


Great cable management for a Mid-Tower, flexible HDD bay, locking mechanism for the ODD drives, good size window, inexpensive $54.99 price tag


Fan filters are secured into place is awkward. Doesn't support larger custom water cooling without case modding.
If you're in the market for a budget friendly case that offers some great features, then you should take a loot at the Coenus. This mid-tower case will be able to fit high-end components and offers the "air" cooling folks more room than they will need.
by James Taylor
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Final Thoughts

The Enermax Coenus is a great case to review and I had a great deal of fun with it. This case offers several nice features for the $55 dollar price point, including excellent cable management with plenty of tie down points and routing points. If you’re on a tight budget, then the Coenus is definitely a case you need to consider. It’s great to see that longer high-end GPUs have no problem fitting into the Coenus, and the fact that two can fit with room to breath is an extra boon. The hidden SSD mount was a great addition for anyone removing the top HDD rack.

Installing our test system into the Coenus was a breeze with the exception of the 8-pin power cable. It was a tight fit trying to plug it into the mobo, but that’s a small complaint and easily resolved. We really wish there would have been room to fit a 240mm rad at the top of the Coenus. Unfortunately, if you want to custom watercool your components you will need to do some modding or mount your rad externally.

There will be no problem mounting a 120mm AIO liquid cooler in the rear of the case. If you wanted to go that route, Enermax thought of this and supplied us with two ports on the back of the case for routing tubing. We did try to install a Corsair H100i to no avail. There just wasn’t enough room to fit both the rad and fans. It wasn’t the rad that was the problem, the fans were obstructed by the mobo.

On the positive side, the large window gave us full view of our components when installed in the case, and exuded a slight red glow from the included 120mm LED fan. Despite the few minor shortcomings, this was a great case! In the mid-tower category, we are proud to present the Enermax Coenus with Pure Overclock’s Editor’s Choice Award.





    Nice build and a great case for the money.
    I use and like the Enermax brand myself.


    Great review man. I’ve been looking for an affordable case for my new gaming rig for a couple of days, and this review helped a lot. My only concern was the clearance between the GPUs and the Hard Drives, but the rig you put together clears all concerns. Good job bro!


    Great case, only problem i have had thus far is I bought 2 180mm fans to put into the top which was fine until I bought a Corsair H75 (push pull fans with rad), then the rad and the inner fan interfered with the back fan. Otherwise I love the cable management capability.

    Inside https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103402816/Comp/20140501_110011.jpg
    Back https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/103402816/Comp/20140501_110141.jpg

    As you can see in the top right side there is nice little hole for the 4/8 power cable (although the heatsink made it a pain to plug in)

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