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EMTEC Power Connect 32 GB Review

Posted September 15, 2015 by Josh Jackson in


Price at time of Review: NA


Easy to use, Well laid out phone app,


No availability, Pricing may not be very competitive
This device may have trouble finding it's niche, but if you find yourself passing around mobile files that are slightly too large for email, then this could be the ticket
by Josh Jackson
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Trying to sum up the EMTEC Power Connect is going to be a little tough. Let’s start with the good things. The device was incredibly easy to use. I found backing up and file sharing very easy to figure out and I was up and running in no time. The Power Connect also has some file sharing and media sharing services that can be utilized rather than needing to manual use the EMTEC app. While I might not have seen 2 full charges on my phone, I also assume that whenever I see an “up to” label, my devices aren’t in that “up to” category. On the other hand, there’s certainly enough charge in the Power Connect to get you through a tight spot if need be. Functionality is great on this unit, but it was strange that I ended up with an 8 GB SD card rather than the 32 GB one. Personally, this doesn’t hurt me in anyway and as long as EMTEC keeps this from happening to purchasing consumers, it’s not a big concern.Emtec Connect (4)

Availability is rough at the moment. In the US, I found an EMTEC Power Connect for sale on Amazon, but it seems to be a previous model that doesn’t include the micro SD card. It’s currently running for about $58 with prime shipping. Compared to other power banks, the price is a tad high. However, if the 32 GB version comes out at the same price, then that would seem fairly reasonable considering I couldn’t Emtec Screenshots (2)easily find any other units that actually include the storage with the power bank. This was rather odd to me since slapping in a micro SD card is all it takes, yet most power banks only have the slot.

This brings me to the final point about the EMTEC Power Connect. How necessary is wireless storage on a power bank? I’ll admit, the convenience of swapping screenshots was nice, but it never stops me from simply attaching photos and emailing them to myself in normal circumstances. Larger files, such as music and videos, would benefit from this device when they need to be shared, but how many people bother with trying to share a physical file when most sharing is done through social media. At this point, I can see that home or business may need the ease of sharing larger files across the network, but home routers have the advantage of attaching external hard drives for sharing, and businesses will likely use a NAS over a mobile device. I feel like the thing that will hurt this device the most is the fact that it is trying to fill a niche that is either easier with social media, or of greater capacity with external HDDs and NAS.

Ultimately, I really like the EMTEC Power Connect. It was fun to use and it does add some simplicity to file sharing. If I was a regular reviewer of phone devices, it would certainly save me some time. While I may have trouble finding uses personally, anybody who needs small storage for file sharing while having emergency power on hand would want to consider the EMTEC Power Connect. It may not be the cheapest, but I can certainly vouch for it’s ease of use. The largest issue affecting the Power Connect is availability. I traveled across quite a few sites and I couldn’t find it anywhere, even in the UK. I draw the line at learning other languages to shop for products. The EMTEC Power Connect is a decent product though and it earns the Pure Overclock Good Hardware Award.






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