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EMTEC Power Connect 32 GB Review

Posted September 15, 2015 by Josh Jackson in


Price at time of Review: NA


Easy to use, Well laid out phone app,


No availability, Pricing may not be very competitive
This device may have trouble finding it's niche, but if you find yourself passing around mobile files that are slightly too large for email, then this could be the ticket
by Josh Jackson
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After opening up the instructions, there wasn’t much to do other than install the EMTEC Connect app and use the tool to connect to the device. I used my LG G2 smart phone for the process, which was recently updated to the Android 5.0 operating system. You could also manage the device through a web portal, but I found it to be a bit easier with the app. The install left a nifty icon on my screen, and the welcoming page didn’t seem too daunting.

Emtec Screenshots (3) Emtec Screenshots (2)

I saw an option to back up my phone, which intrigued me to say the least, so I played with that first. One tap of the screen and my videos and pictures where on there way to being backed up. While I was at it, I also took the opportunity to see how much battery charge the Connect would give me. I had charged the Connect the night before, so I plugged my phone in, and in about 3 hours my phone went from 16% to 56%. Not a bad amount of juice for a tiny device. Once the battery LED went red, my phone stopped charging, but the Connect still left enough power to keep it running for a bit. I can say this isn’t the full 2 charges like advertised, but the G2 has a fairly large capacity to begin with, and I was charging the phone while in use. Still, 50% is quite a bit for my daily use so I can’t say this is disappointing either.

Emtec Screenshots (4) Emtec Screenshots (6)

Next, I began taking the screenshots of the Power Connect app and copying them over to the device. Of course this device is designed for file sharing, so I decided to dive into how easy it was to upload pictures off of my phone onto the SD card. I was taking screenshots along the way that needed to be moved to my computer so I figured this would be the best way to test it out. The process takes a few more steps, but a simple tap of the bottom icon for the device I wanted, a few check boxes checked to decide what files I wanted, then a paste to the location and I was done. The files were on the Power Connect and ready for sharing any way I felt like.

Emtec Screenshots (5) Emtec Screenshots (7) Emtec Screenshots (8) Emtec Screenshots (9)

Once I finished copying my files, I took a quick look at some more of the menu options. There isn’t a whole lot that needs to be messed with. The internet and Wi-Fi settings are automatic, but you can set manual settings if you want to. However, if you want to ensure that only certain people have privileges to access your file shares, you can set up custom user accounts with passwords in order to access the files.

Emtec Screenshots (10) Emtec Screenshots (11)Emtec Screenshots (12)Emtec Screenshots (13)

Overall, I found using the EMTEC Connect extremely easy. I’m not the type of phone power user that needs extra space or extra battery life. This makes the Connect all the more impressive to me since I was able to figure out everything easily and set things up so that I could share files. While I essentially only shared files with myself, plugging the Connect into my computer made it very easy to grab my screenshots for the purpose of the review. I’ll note that each time I plugged the device into a PC, Windows would give me an error that the storage device needed to be repaired. This happened on both Windows 7 and 10 machines. I never had any issues, and would simply ignore the message and access the files anyways, but it was interesting that the error would keep popping up. Now that we’ve seen the Power Connect in action, let’s go ahead and draw some conclusions from what we’ve seen today.

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