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EMTEC Power Connect 32 GB Review

Posted September 15, 2015 by Josh Jackson in


Price at time of Review: NA


Easy to use, Well laid out phone app,


No availability, Pricing may not be very competitive
This device may have trouble finding it's niche, but if you find yourself passing around mobile files that are slightly too large for email, then this could be the ticket
by Josh Jackson
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Closer Look

Taking a little closer look at the EMTEC Power Connect, we find out there isn’t a whole lot to see, but the device looks nice with it’s glossy black finish. It will attract fingerprints pretty well, but it will also match a vast majority of Android phones on the market.Emtec Connect (4)The red button on the bottom is nothing more than a design piece. The USB port here is for plugging your mobile device into the Connect.
Emtec Connect (5)Emtec Connect (9)On the side, we have the slot for plugging the Connect into your PC via micro USB, which EMTEC includes, and we have easy access to the included 32 GB SD card. Oh wait, did I say 32 GB? I meant 8 GB. I can’t say for sure if this was an accident or intentional for this particular review sample, but as long as retail versions come with the appropriate card, then the 8 GB won’t effect our being able to test the product.Emtec Connect (6)Emtec Connect (8)Emtec Connect (11)Finally, we have an ethernet slot on the top of the unit. Here’s where I’ll mention a pretty cool feature on the EMTEC Connect. If you plug the unit into a router, then you can use the wireless connection to connect to the router’s internet via the Power Connect. This is a handy little feature so that you don’t have to be disconnected from the web while sharing files. Emtec Connect (7)Emtec Connect (10)Since I think we’ve covered the angles of the Power Connect pretty well, let’s see how the unit does in the testing phase.

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