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EMTEC Portable SSD and SuperSpeed Flash Drive

Posted September 8, 2016 by Scott Guthrie in Peripherals


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Huge capacity for external flash devices. Nice minimalist design on both the X600 and S600, and for travelers, the X600 comes with a short USB 3.0 cable that makes it a little easier to use with Ultrabooks and laptops.
Excellent USB 3.0 enabled flash based storage, ideal for backups, movies & media of all sorts. Would work nicely as a boot device on a Raspberry Pi class machine. Could easily back up your saved games from yesteryear, as well as your cat video collection.
by Scott Guthrie
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USB storage is one of those somewhat mundane things that we use all the time without giving it much thought: Backups, sneaker-net transfers, boot devices for installing new OS’s, transportable cinema, you name it. Chances are, you have a number of these devices scattered about your desk, home or office.

In all honesty, these devices have utterly revolutionized portable storage, replacing Floppy Disks of all types, Zip Drives, write-able CD’s and in many cases write-able DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks. While USB 1 and USB 2 versions of these devices may have wowed us for a brief instant in time, it wasn’t until the advent of USB 3 that external USB Storage came into its own. The theoretical transfer rates of USB 3 (5 Gb/s or 640 MB/s) coupled to NAND flash with its high read and write speeds make USB external storage as fast or faster than most spinning disks and some internal SSDs and the small size of these devices coupled with their low power requirements make them astonishingly capable. Booting from a floppy or CD/DVD is pretty painful. Booting from a USB 3 thumb drive is (in some cases) all but indistinguishable from booting from an internal HDD or SSD.

So, it’s with a certain amount of excitement that I find myself in possession of not one, but two cool storage devices from EMTEC. The first is a 256 GB USB 3.0 Flash drive packaged in the traditional “Thumb Drive” format. The second is a 256 GB USB 3.0 Portable SSD.

Yes, you read that right… 256 GB of SuperSpeed USB goodness in each of these nifty things.

Just to give you an idea of where we stand here, in 1988 when the 3.5″ floppy disk was both a de facto standard and ubiquitous, it would have taken approximately 18,2045 floppy disks to store the contents of just 1 of these two USB storage devices. Yes you read that right: 18K floppies. Considering the write speed was abysmally slow, the point is moot, you likely would STILL be swapping floppies today if you started in 1988 and were trying to copy that much data onto them! This is disregarding, of course, that you probably couldn’t find a PC with 256GB of data on it in 1988!

Before we get started, let’s take a look at EMTEC and see who they are:

The EMTEC brand was launched from a company steeped in history and experience. BASF, the inventor of the first magnetic tape for audio recording, was a pioneer in the media industry. In the late nineties, after years of innovations in the production of consumer tape products, including audio-cassettes, floppy discs and video-cassettes, BASF Magnetics became EMTEC Magnetics.

Turning the company’s focus to mobile storage products, the EMTEC brand became a huge success in Europe, symbolized by the powerful red spiral logo. By 2006, EMTEC had produced the number-one selling brand of flash drives in France and the number-three selling brand of flash drives in Europe for five years and counting.*

Today, EMTEC is distributed in over 50 countries and prides itself on a 75-year history of creating innovative products that embody the human spirit: to preserve, protect and share the most valuable moments of daily life. Whatever the technology or the media, EMTEC commits to providing hassle-free, creative and stylish solutions that make technology easy to use and serve our consumers’ memories, ideas and emotions.

Our brand signature: “Technology made for life”



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