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EKWB FC-5870 GPU Water Block

Posted May 2, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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In terms of appearance, the EKWB FC-5870 has a gorgeous aesthetic with its polished finish and clear acrylic top. It looks bold in our opinion and stylish. More importantly, however, is the performance, as aesthetics will only get so far when a graphics card starts to heat up.  And this is where the FC-5870 performs admirably; it is a remarkable performer, and consistently kept core and VRM temperatures under control even when highly overclocked. The VRMs jumped a wee bit but nothing to be concerned about, coming in at the 43°C mark.

The only minor blemish on what is an otherwise spotless product is the fittings’ size restriction. Installation was a bit tricky with the spacers (standoffs), but a bit of non-permanent grease or silicone will remedy that. We are always fond of any block that allows the stock backplate to be reused, but in this case the FC-5870 isn’t compatible with any oversized compression fittings. Unfortunately most fittings have short threads, so even with port spacers it won’t really help. This isn’t a knock, but a reality if you want to go that route with the stock backplate.

EK Water Blocks has produced an excellent water block for ATI’s high-end graphics card. With top-notch build quality and a gorgeous aesthetic, the FC-5870 has a channel design that isn’t restrictive and will be very successful in your overall loop while keeping an overclocked Radeon 5870 cool under load.

EKWB FC-5870



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