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EKWB FC-5870 GPU Water Block

Posted May 2, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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ATI’s powerful Radeon 5870 graphics card is a real barnburner in terms of performance, and as we know, the byproduct of speed in a computer is heat. While that may not be a problem if you live in the frozen tundra, most people tend to have issues with heat in normal climates.   I’m sure we all have been sitting in a 30°C room uncomfortably playing our favorite games, hoping that our video card would run cooler.

Not only that, but for the overclocking fans in the crowd, running cooler also means the ability to improve performance by pushing clocks (and voltage) even higher, simply not content to run at stock speeds with stock air cooling. For such people, a full coverage water block is likely the only real option to achieve these performance goals.

If you are a water cooling user then you have probably heard of EK Water Blocks. EKWB specializes in water cooling products,and just one of their many offerings is the FC-5870, a full coverage block designed for the Radeon 5870 flagship card. Today we have the opportunity to test this GPU water block on the bench and find out how well it performs in keeping the beast cool and quiet.

Thanks to NCIX and EK Water Blocks for providing the sample for this review.



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