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EK Water Blocks Chipsets

Posted December 27, 2008 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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We have no doubt the EK chipset water blocks will outperform the ASUS Fusion block heatpipe even with aftermarket thermal paste used.  The EK water blocks achieved 3°C better temperatures than the stock Fusion block for NB/SB.  However, when we look at the EK Mofset blocks, they beat the living daylight out of the stock ASUS heatsinks, a temperature improvement of a whopping 14°C at load and 10°C at idle.  The results indicate these blocks will definitely let you keep your components cooler and push your overclocks higher with increased voltages.

Installation was easy, with the exception of the NB S-Max block thumbnut issue.  We’re left wondering what someone would do if they don’t have any die & tap tools (or the know-how) to make a threaded socket? We are willing to chalk this one up to happenstance and sometimes you do get product quality issues, but we don’t have another boxed product to compare and verify if this is an isolated incident or not.  We’ve never had any issues at all with EK products before, so we hope this is a rare occurrence.  We were disappointed that the NB/SB Asus 4 doesn’t fit the 3/8” compression fittings.  We think it could be made a bit tad larger so it’s at least able to fit 3/8” compression fittings.

These sleek blocks boast excellent performance but they do come with a premium price.  A complete kit costs approximately $170 (price based from FrozenCPU.com pricing) without fittings and backplates.  When we compare the price to performance, it costs approximately $10 per degree improvement overall. That is quite a bit of money for casual water cooling users, though it may be just loose changes for water cooling enthusiasts.  The hardcore water nuts will probably feel that every degree you can gain back in order to have a stable overclocked system is priceless.  Also then factor in that you’ll end up with a nearly silent overclocked system, and these chipset blocks are worth the price of admission, and will certainly give you some bragging rights in the process.

Though there are a few detractions noted above, the advantages definitely shine through, and ultimately these chipset blocks are certainly geared toward water cooling enthusiasts who are generally used to a few inconveniences here and there as the price to be paid for living on the edge.  For these consumers, we think these EK chipset blocks are fantastic and offer solid quality and performance in a sleek package.


EK Water Blocks Chipsets

Our thanks go to EK Water Blocks for providing the chipset blocks for this review.



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