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EK Water Blocks Chipsets

Posted December 27, 2008 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Blocks and Packaging

The blocks come in typical retail large black box with colourful print of the product sitting on a pile of ice and fire flames as background. That?s right, no matter how hot your chipsets are, EK Water Blocks can apparently handle it. The back of the box has the features listed in multiple languages. Inside each box, the individual blocks are wrapped in a large bubble bag for protection, and the bubble bag is large enough to fill up the empty spaces inside. So no worries here about damage. There?s nothing worse than getting a new product, only to find it?s damaged and you need to RMA it. Thankfully we?ve not experienced that all with any EK products, after having received a half dozen of them over different periods.

Here we see the packaging and contents of the EK blocks:

EK water blocks for the ASUS Maximus Formula chipsets are very attractive with a beautiful aesthetic quality, showcasing a crystal clear acrylic top and seal ring made from durable rubber. The quality from the outside appears impeccable, the fit and finish look to be very good and durable, appearing that it will last for a long time. The copper base is manufactured from 99% electrolyte copper and the surfaces are well lapped and polished for maximum thermal conductivity and cooling efficiencies. All blocks have very similar internal design characteristics; they have multiple, wide water channels for easy fluid passage and create enough turbulence in the water flow to increase the thermal transferring performance.

Note that an Acetal (black) top version is also available for these blocks from EK Water Blocks, but today we?ll be looking at the clear acrylic. We think both options look fantastic, but there?s just something about clear acrylic and water that is like a match made in heaven. These chipset water blocks are compatible with most Asus motherboards and will fits with any fittings with G1/4? threading. Just be sure to check the compatibility before you order.

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