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EK Water Blocks Chipsets

Posted December 27, 2008 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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In our recent review of the EK Water Blocks 4870 X2 we noted
that EK Water Blocks had produced an excellent block to keep the beast cool. Well, in addition to graphics cards being kept cool, we know that there are other critical components that also need attention, particularly on the motherboard.

If you are an enthusiast, you are well aware of the importance of keeping your components cooler in order to push your system’s performance higher and farther. Perhaps one of the most overlooked components can be the motherboard’s chipsets, including the Northbridge, Southbridge, and MOSFETs. Pushing these with higher voltage means increased heat output, the sworn enemy of computer systems. But one of the best ways to keep temperatures low is water cooling, and specifically through the use of blocks on your chipsets.

Today we’re looking at chipset water clocks from EK, and we chart some temperatures to find out how well they actually perform.

We’d like to thank Eddy at EK Water Blocks for providing the samples for this review.

Started in 1999 by Edvard König, EK WaterBlocks’ aim is to excel in a niche of performance upgrades for computers. With continuous research and development we have established an extensive portfolio of products for water cooling. Quality and breathtaking design on the technological edge is our philosophy. EK has a huge selection of products available for just about every type and model of critical system component..



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