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EK Water Block FC-4870

Posted January 14, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The EK-FC4870 is an altogether impressive product. It features the solid, stylish build quality that we have become accustomed to from EK products and it does well, what it was built to do which is keeping your HD 4870 graphics card cool. To everyone who likes their PC to run quietly, a liquid cooling solution for the HD 4870 is a godsend since its stock cooler can get annoyingly noisy under load while the temperatures still reach worrying heights. Our testing shows that the EK-FC4870 can lower the GPU temperatures to just 14° C above water temperature and this makes for a combination of silent cooling and excellent temperatures that simply no air cooler can offer. Thanks to the precisely crafted full cover design of the block, all of the vital components on the card are optimally cooled. On the downside, this block will not fit any other type of graphics card. So upgrading your system will also mean having to purchase a new waterblock.

The installation of the EK-FC4870 is fairly easy, the only tricky bit being the proper tightening of the screws. Standoffs with the proper length would be a great addition to this block, taking the guesswork out of the installation process. Finally, another strong point of this block is the fact that it is threaded on both sides and has no specified in- and outlet. This makes tube routing very flexible and enables easy multi-card setups.

Overall, if you decide to go for an EK FC-4870, you will not be disappointed. Just make sure that your graphics card has the ATi standard layout so that the block will fit.



EK Water Blocks FC-4870

Our thanks go to EK Water Blocks for providing the FC-4870 for this review.



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