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EK-FC670 GTX DCII Water Block

Posted November 21, 2012 by Deton in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $110.95


Excellent craftsmanship and, performer, cool all VRMs and Memory.


simplistic design might turn off some, fairly expensive
Stellar thermal performance and keeps entire graphics card chilled.
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by Deton
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The performance of the EK-FC670 GTX DCII is phenomenal! It is true the GTX660Ti doesn’t produce as much heat as its big brothers GTX680 or GTX670; however, it does provide the overall average of Delta 10°C, and that’s outstanding. There’s one thing we were uncertain of. This is if the back-plate contributes to thermal dissipation or not. Regardless it sure does add to the strength and hides the cluster of thePCB’s backside. As for flow restriction, this cooler is chugging out 8.5 liters per minute, which is more than enough coolant to share with multiple SLI configurations.

In terms of craftsmanship and compatibility, the EK-FC670 GTX DCII is flawless. It is intended for the ASUS GTX670 DirecCU graphics card series but we had no problems using it for the ASUS GTX660Ti DCII. It fit like a glove even with the EK-FC670 GTX Backplate.

The CSQ (circle square) design is a hot controversial subject in the water cooling community. Bringing back the 70’s retro look for today’s modern PC hardware is a bold move. It will be hard to please all the twenty-something consumers – “Some like it hot, Some like it cold” subjective outlook. However, we do like the frosted top. It looks refreshing,compared to the aging clear acrylic. Despite this, and whatever your personal tastes are, if you want to have a full coverage water cooler for your GTX660Ti DCII, you have no other choice but to go with the EK-FC670 GTX DCII. There are no other full cover water blocks available for this graphics card. The EK-FC670 GTX DCII carries the price tag of $110.95 and is backed by a 2 year warranty, which is one year extended over the competitors.

All that said, if you are on the market for a water block for your ASUS GTX660Ti DCII we would recommend the EK-FC670 GTX DCII because it does a much better job than the universal GPU only water block. It wins our PureOC Editor’s Choice award.


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    Regarding to the “Void” sticker, EKWB has informed me, it was incorrect sticker used. Soon it will be replaced with more appropriated sticker to inform the consumer the block has been tested and passed QC (quality control) and leak test.

    The warranty is not void if the sticker is broken or removed during 2 years period from the date of purchased.

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