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ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden (Gank Machine) Motherboard Review

Posted July 26, 2013 by Kenny in CPU & Motherboards







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Price at time of Review: Newegg $239.99


Great Aesthetics Appeal, Onboard Wifi & Bluetooth, Great Layout design


Blocks SATA Port if Multiple Graphics cards used
ECS has revamped its aesthetics and given this Z87 chipset motherboard a pleasing to the eye experience. The performance to value ratio is fair and on point for its features.
by Kenny
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To wrap things up with the ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden Gank Machine motherboard, we were please to see its new revamped aesthetics. We feel ECS has followed the heard here with the red and black theme, but this does help boost its appeal. We look forward to what ECS will bring to the table with its future motherboards. The layout of its PCIe slots and its onboard features was great. We only had some minor gripes about the position of one SATA port. However, if you take everything into account, this is a pretty small concern, unless you are looking to occupy all of the available SATA ports. One of the great benefits we saw from the ECS Gank Machine is its built-in WiFi and Bluetooth which both performed flawlessly. This helps add to the performance sector.

ECS included a nice package of software with the motherboard. The ECS Live BIOS and Driver update was a great touch for quick and easy updates. This will be great for those who don’t like to hunt for new drivers, and it makes sure you are downloading the right one. The software takes all the guess work out. The eSF and eOC software were also two great pieces of software to have for quick on the fly adjustments and custom settings. While the bundled software may be only used by a handful of today’s users, it’s still nice to see that it has been included.

At stock settings or overclocked, this motherboard offers great performance. We also had no trouble with its set-up, which was a great sign. With the 4770K, we found that our 2133MHz memory was able to run at the advertised speeds with little to no work. All we had to do was enable the XMP profiles and we were set.

While in the OC sector, we had some trouble getting overclocks to be stable at high clocks. While our system booted up and ran fine at 4.3GHz manually overclocked, we found that it was rather difficult to have this board boot higher than that. We did get 4.4GHz – 4.6GHz to boot to windows; however, once any application was launched, it would quickly crash. But this is not to say that the motherboard can’t handle it, but perhaps a better binned chip will do better.

With the 4770K Processor, all we had to do was find its sweet spot with speed and voltage. Once you find that, this motherboard performed solidly.

The ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden Gank Manchine Motherboard can be found on Newegg for $239.99. The performance to dollar ratio on this board is just fair. The extra features like the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth make it stand out further. In the end, we give the ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden Gank Machine motherboard our PureOverclock Good Hardware Award.

ECS Z87H3-A2X Extreme Golden Gank Machine Motherboard – Good Hardware





    Having been born and raised in Houston, TX growing up gank meant to steal something. Maybe this is a regional thing, I don’t know.


    Why is that passive coller between cpu sockett and rear panel ports so tall. IT could make problems for some aftermarket cpu collers (for example Scythe Grand Kama Cross).


    coolers not collers

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