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ECS P55H-A Black Edition

Posted September 8, 2009 by Jake in CPU & Motherboards







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by Jake
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The ECS Black Series lineup both for AMD and Intel platforms has been impressive, making great strides in enthusiast circles and getting some very positive attention. While these products are not in the realm of top-end premium boards, they do appear to focus more on offering solid choices at great prices. With the LGA1156 chips positioned in the more "mainstream" market segment, this bodes well for consumers who are seeking great value for their hard-earned money. And in today’s global economic downturn, this is more important than ever. Though we don’t have any firm pricing numbers yet, we’re confident that this board will have a very competitive price tag.

As a result, the feature set included in the P55H-A is quite robust for what is essentially an affordable enthusiast board. There is a assortment of USB connectors, eSATA, digital sound, enough SATA ports for all but the most serious RAID configurations, as well as onboard power, reset, and clear CMOS buttons in a nod to overclocking enthusiasts. Our only complaints here are the poor placement of the 8-pin ATX connector below the CPU rather than above it near the edge of the board, and the error code display that will be impossible to read if you’re running dual graphics cards. And if you have need of a third PCI-Express slot, then we recommend you jump up to X58 chipset and Socket 1366 anyways. While we would raise these as serious issues if this were a top-end premium enthusiasts motherboard that commands a hefty price tag, here they are more of a nuisance given the overall features and value you get in return. Considering that the ECS P55H-A currently retails for approximately $135 USD, it’s at the lower end of the 1156 price range and is very affordable.

We are looking forward to giving some performance numbers for a new Core i5/i7 LGA1156 processor in the ECS P55H-A, but suffice it say that for now, what we can tell you is that it looks like we have a very good and affordable enthusiast motherboard on our hands.

ECS P55H-A Black Edition

Our thanks go to ECS for providing the P55H-A Black Series.



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