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ECS LIVA X Mini PC- Review

Posted January 15, 2015 by Sandy Bruce in


Manufacturer: , ,
Release Date: 1-15-2015
Price at time of Review: MSRP 32GB $209.99 64GB $249.99


Size, weight, Vesa support, HDMI, Overall Performance, Price, Expandable internal storage, USB 3,0, 3rd USB port, Wifi range and speed,


GPU driver vs Amazon prime, No mic port, Lag during Driver installs,
Overall system performance was more than adequate for browsing the net and checking emails. In most cases the LIVA X is the only complete mini box PC in these price ranges. The few changes to the LIVA X makes it more suitable as a full size desktop replacement.
by Sandy Bruce
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Move over LIVA, X is here.


There was a tremendous amount of potential with the first LIVA device but there were a few items that prevented it from being the product it could have been. LIVA only had two USB ports, an MSATA slot that couldn’t accept SSDs, plastic housing and no way to mount it unless you got inventive or tie wrapped it to the back of a monitor.┬áThe two USB ports made installing an OS a harder task than it ever should be. I ran into issues with the LIVA recognizing my Mech KB and not wanting to boot certain USB devices until you tweak the BIOS settings. Let’s count! One USB for mouse, One USB for Keyboard, One USB for the OS source device. Wait! What? So I am sure many at home ran into this same puzzler and were not pleased to buy a wireless or Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to overcome this little oversight.


Well that was last year, and since then, ECS has learned a few lessons to make LIVA X a more complete product. LIVA X follows along with the same small black box design but added a raised angular surface to the top. The weight of the LIVA X is significantly more lending to an overall sturdier feel. The front facing portion of LIVA X shows off the power button/LED, two USB 2.0 ports and one much appreciated USB 3.0 port for faster transfers to and from external storage devices.


Each side of the LIVA X is vented so heat can easily escape. This is important because the LIVA X does not contain any moving parts including fans of any sort. We will see more of the passive cooling solutions shortly. On the rear side are HDMI, VGA, AC power, audio out and a NIC are located.LIVA02-right_1000_n





One of the big things that was missing from LIVA was the ability to mount it on the back of monitors or TVs. This shortcoming has been corrected in LIVA X by adding support for VESA 75 or 100mm mounting locations. VESA is an industry standard that will allow LIVA X to mount 0n every compatible device regardless of manufacturer with only a couple of screws.






The VESA mounting screws, product manual, quick install guide and driver disc are included with the LIVA X.



No matter where you are the LIVA X will be able to plug in thanks to the universal power adapter. We can now move inside LIVA X to see how ECS managed to cram a full function PC in such a small device.







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