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ECS LIVA X Mini PC- Review

Posted January 15, 2015 by Sandy Bruce in


Manufacturer: , ,
Release Date: 1-15-2015
Price at time of Review: MSRP 32GB $209.99 64GB $249.99


Size, weight, Vesa support, HDMI, Overall Performance, Price, Expandable internal storage, USB 3,0, 3rd USB port, Wifi range and speed,


GPU driver vs Amazon prime, No mic port, Lag during Driver installs,
Overall system performance was more than adequate for browsing the net and checking emails. In most cases the LIVA X is the only complete mini box PC in these price ranges. The few changes to the LIVA X makes it more suitable as a full size desktop replacement.
by Sandy Bruce
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Here we are at the beginning of a new year where we can start fresh on old habits, forgotten projects of days past, and new promises to self and others; it is all about moving forward. Last year ECS released a mini PC kit called LIVA. We were invited out to a press event in San Jose to discuss it and a few other products.  Article here.  The small black box PC was meant to be assembled before the end user installed their preferred OS. This wasn’t overly difficult for even a beginner but it may have intimidated some into looking for other solutions. LIVA had a decent amount of processing power, small footprint, built in Bluetooth/WiFi and was priced competitively. Overall it was a good first out for ECS. Now we have a new year and a fresh attempt to introduce Mini PCs to those with an imagination, limited space, HTPC or even digital signage. The LIVA X is an update to add features and correct some of the pitfalls found in the first iteration of the LIVA MINI PC. I have high hopes for the LIVA X so let’s see if it can replace my current full size HTPC solution.



ecs-elitegroup_fECS, the Elitegroup Computer Systems, was established in 1987, and almost 30 years of business. More than two decades, ECS has overcome a great deal of obstacles facing new businesses and has experienced the joy of significant growth and development. Her main focus has expanded to not only motherboards, but also desktop and notebook computers, graphics cards and other mobile products. ECS is strongly committed to develop cutting-edge technology in order to generate innovative products under environmental friendly designs.



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