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by Jake
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There’s no question that flagship products get most of the hype, as computer enthusiasts are drawn to bigger, better, faster hardware. Like children drawn to new toys, most of us haven’t outgrown that phase; we’re just bigger and like different kinds of toys.

A bit less glamorous but no less important in the consumer landscape are the budget-oriented products that address a large portion of the marketplace. The fact is that many people simply cannot afford the latest premium hardware components.That’s not to say that budget means cheap; there is a difference.

Along these lines, Intel’s H55 chipset is the entry model for the LGA1156 platform, offering integrated graphics and a very good array of features that dominate modern motherboards. The H55 boards come in various sizes and capabilities, and today we are looking at an interesting niche of the market: the mini ITX form factor. Yes, the mini ITX is a wee lad in terms of motherboard sizes, far smaller than even a micro-ATX board. With the integrated capabilities, the mini ITX board is probably best suited to an HTPC setup with a Core i3 under the hood.

The ECS H55H-I is one such product, a mini ITX motherboard that offers respectable features and performance to value-conscious consumers. Sporting a wide array of video connection ports including HDMI, analog and optical audio, eSATA, and even space for a discrete PCI-Express graphics card if you want, the H55H-I looks to be a nice option for LGA1156 value seekers.

Let’s take a closer look at what the ECS H55H-I brings to the show.

Our thanks go to ECS for supplying us with the review sample. 

ECS, the Elitegroup Computer Systems, has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing computer motherboards since 1987. With its 21 years of experience in designing and manufacturing motherboards, the building block of many of today’s personal computers, ECS is expected to remain as one of the major contributors in the IT industry. The company is very fortunate to work very closely with many major chip designers in the PC industry on the design, development and manufacture of future IT innovations. Together with its business partners and its team members around the world, ECS is ready to provide a rich variety of new products and great services to its customers in the years to come.



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