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ECS Black GTX 460 1GB

Posted September 19, 2010 by Jake in Video Cards







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by Jake
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The ECS Black GTX 460 1GB avoids the pitfalls of the GF100 card release, such as high power consumption, high temperatures, and high noise levels we saw in the GTX 480. Interestingly, the 460 manages to essentially render the 465 obsolete since the performance is almost identical. More importantly, however, is that the 460 runs cooler, quieter, and cheaper.

Needless to say, this card crushes the Radeon 5830 pretty much across the board, and is by far the better card. Performance at 1680 is excellent, and the 1GB will help if you choose to run 1920 resolution but there are instances where it will struggle. The mid-range resolution is really the sweet spot for the GTX 460, as you’ll get great framerates, particularly if you choose to overclock this card.

The Arctic Cooling Accelero heatsink on this ECS card is awesome. It does take more space than a normal dual slot cooler but the temperatures it produces are nothing short of jaw-dropping, keeping this ECS Black as the coolest gaming we’ve ever seen. Even when highly overclocked, it runs cool and quiet, so there’s certainly room to push this card without any serious drawbacks.

So are there any downsides here? Well, really the only drawbacks we can see are very minor. First, the power connectors are end-mounted rather than side-mounted, but this is understandable due to the massive heatsink. So if you have a smaller case then this card may be a tight squeeze. However, that should only apply to a very small number of people. Second, as mentioned, the heatsink is beefy and may pose space issues if choosing to go with an SLI setup, though it does depend on your motherboard’s expansion slot layout. Our P55 motherboard had no problems at all, so just be sure to check prior to purchase.

This ECS card costs about $230 USD, which is right on par with the competition and is an excellent deal considering the custom heatsink and amazing overclocking potential. This card is big, brash, and bold, and we love it. Excellent performance at mid-range resolutions, very low temperatures and noise levels, and a fantastic price make the ECS Black GTX 460 1GB one of the best amongst the competition.

ECS Black GTX 460 1GB



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