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by Jake
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The A890GXM-A2 is much improved over ECS’ last attempt, particularly in the aesthetics and layout department, as this board looks absolutely fantastic. It’s a very welcome change from the orange, red, and purple days which are hopefully now gone with ECS products.

This board looks great but under the hood it still has a way to go, especially in the BIOS and when it comes to cooling. There were only a couple snags, though they could be huge depending on what you’d intend for an application for the board. Since this board is really only the second big redesign for ECS in this new direction, this is very much a learning experience for ECS. Hopefully they take customer feedback to heart and continue improving on those areas which really make a difference, particularly on premium products.

Casual gamers and users would be fine with this board, surely, but hardcore overclockers would be better off sticking to truly high-end boards based on the 890FX chipset which has shown to be extremely robust. If you’re not overclocking, and you want a good looking board to show off through that case window, then you can go for the A890GXM-A2 and be confident that ECS has made great strides here. They’ve still got work to do though.

The pricing has yet to be confirmed but we understand the A890GXM-A2 is set to retail for about $125 USD. That’s pushing into higher end territory for 890GX, competing with the likes of ASUS and Gigabyte which have established products and reputations for high performance. While this ECS board is a big move in the right direction, the price tag is a bit high if you’re looking for peak performance out of your CPU. That being said, If you need a capable all-around motherboard that offers some good features without expecting to push things outside their normal comfort zone, then the ECS A890GXM-A2 is a good option to consider.




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