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Eagle Tech External Storage

Posted November 30, 2008 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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External drives are one of those things that may not first come to mind when thinking about computer systems. But when the conversation shifts to data backup, the talk can become very serious quickly. We’ve personally seen too many people lose important data, losses that could have been easily prevented or avoided with a simple backup drive. Nothing fancy, just a plain old external storage system with a USB interface that would do the trick. The people that tend to forget about backups are probably the same people that want something easy and effective, and these are key criteria for external storage devices. Quite simply, they must be Drives for Dummies.

Enter Eagle Tech Computers, a company that has been supplying high quality external enclosures and other peripherals, offer their N-Series lineup to accomodate just such a scenario. They also offer the L-Series for greater portability in a smallform design. Today we review both the Eagle Tech N-Series and L-Series External Storage System Enclosures, and see exactly how good they are.

The Eagle Tech N-Series case has the capacity to store one 3.5” Serial ATA 150/300 desktop hard drive up to 1.5TB in capacity, and with the connectivity of USB 2.0, it is compatible with almost every computer out there running Windows 2000 or Mac OS 10.2 or above. The L-Series holds a 2.5" drive with the same interface.

We would like to thank Eagle Tech for supplying us with review units.

Eagle Tech is a trusted supplier to many Original Equipment Manufacturers. Our extensive experience in manufacturing high quality PC components that meet and exceed customer application requirements has enabled us to grow beyond manufacturing. We are not just a manufacturer, but a high quality technology solutions provider dedicated to the modern computer users market – both mainstream and enthusiast.

Now let’s take a look at the Eagle Tech External Storage Systems!



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