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Eagle Tech Consus I-Series and iNeo

Posted March 6, 2009 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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by Jake
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The Eagle I-Series has a more modern look and was a little smaller then the NA305J. It was a high-quality piece of hardware with good performance results. The one-touch backup and JBOD system are both nice very features and we like how everything was presented and how easy it was to install. Though the installation was easy, it was not flawless, since having a tool-based system isn’t the preferred design; it would have been icing on the cake if a tool-less design was used here. The front plastic bezel looks a little weak from a design perspective and could have been a little more inventive when it came to the design but it is still a solid and pretty good-looking enclosure (though aesthetics are a personal taste, so you may find the looks fabulous). For the average price of $35 it has a lot of features and good-use for such a low price.

The iNeo NA305J has a more professional look, including many similar functions as the I-Series, but also includes a few more neat things. First is the tool-less design, which I found with my time working with it, was really flawless and a nice clean install and exit for the HDD. The lock and key for it gives it a nice security feature for all that important data you don’t need want exposed to prying eyes. The LED glow and the small CD add nice design touches that don’t take away from the professional look. For performance it was identical to the I-Series, which was pretty good. For a price of around $55 dollars, you’re paying a fair bit more but you’re also getting more for your dollar as well, depending what your needs are.

The Eagle Tech Consus I-Series and iNeo drive enclosures are products that look sharp, are solidly built, and offer some great features at a great price.  The iNeo is more robust in almost every aspect, but it also does cost more, but you do get quite a bit for your buck here.  If you’re in the market for a drive enclosure, either of these Eagle Tech choices should be on your shortlist.

Eagle Tech Consus I-Series

Eagle Tech iNeo NA305J

Our thanks go to Eagle Tech for providing the iNeo NA305J and I-Series for this review.



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