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Eagle Tech Arion Foldable Bluetooth Headset

Posted February 20, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Peripherals







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Release Date: Now
Specifications: See Review
Price at time of Review: $64.99


Ease of Use. Battery Life, Comfortable, Sound Quality, Price and Bonus Options.


Control buttons are not raised enough.
Easy to store in the included hard case, Comfortable to wear for long periods, long talk and music operating times rated at a whooping 13 hrs and a 30 feet wireless range. All of that makes it hard not to like this product.
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by Sandy Bruce
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With all of the features the Arion has, it makes for a complete Bluetooth Headset solution. All of the features are easy to use and the sound quality is top notch. It’s easy to store in the included hard case and comfortable to wear for long periods. It is rated at a whooping 13 hrs and for a 30 feet wireless range. All of that makes it hard not to like this product. Setup is a breeze with iOS devices and I proved it. I had my mother use the Arion for music and phone calls. After about 2 minutes of explaining what I needed her to do, she was off and listening to music in no time. I do like the puffy ear pieces even if they remind me of the old school headphones. They are very comfortable without any pressure to the ear.

Bonus Information –

As I stated earlier in the review, the Arion Bluetooth Headset is marked as made for iDevices. I know Bluetooth is available for more then the iPhone and the iPod so I decided to test it on other Bluetooth compatible 3.0 devices.

The first device was the HTC Sensation with a modded version of Android 4.0.2. It connected just as easy as before, without having to enter in the PIN code. Music and call audio was stellar and the control buttons were fully functional.

Second on the list was an older Android Device running version 2.3.4 Gingerbread. The Arion produced the same easy results as the newer version of Android.

Not everyone wants to use Bluetooth for their phone so I wanted to check out some other devices that have Bluetooth. I tested the connectivity with a Dell E6410 laptop with Bluetooth 3.0. I was able to easily connect the headset for music enjoyment and microphone dictation. With the 30 foot wireless range I was able to get up from my desk to get items off the printer or out of a drawer without dropping the signal. The Arion would be great for Skype and other VOIP services.

The last bonus test I decided to try was the Sony Playstation 3. I have the Official Sony Bluetooth Headset but it bothers my ear so it sits on the cradle most of the time. The setup procedure is exactly the same as the official headset. The PS3 found the Arion within seconds and work perfectly. I was able to play DC Universe with full sound and voice using the Arion. This was a pleasant bonus for me. The official Headset will collect dust now.

I think the different options listed above add additional value to the Arion ET-ARHP200BF Bluetooth Headset. The Arion can store connection information for up to 8 different devices and connect to 2 of them at once. So you can use them while playing online with the PS3 or a PC with Bluetooth and still receive phones calls on the same headset.

The Arion ET-ARHP200BF are listed for $64.99 on Newegg. The buttons my take a little bit to get used to, but at that price compared to other headsets like them, the Arion is a good set of headphones and we grant it PureOverclock’s Good Hardware Award.

[Editor’s Note: UPDATE (8/9/2013): Eagle Tech is giving away this set as their Giveaway Movie promo event! Enter Now at http://www.eagletechusa.com/getaway/ for a chance to Win up to $3,000 Worth in Prizes!]




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