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Eagle Tech: Arion ET-AR306-BK 2.1 Compact Speaker w/Subwoofer Review

Posted June 6, 2013 by James Taylor in PC Audio







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Price at time of Review: $49.99 @ Most popular stores.


Clean Sound, Good Bass, Compact, Good Looking, Budget Friendly, Simple Setup


Volume/Bass control's Placement
The Arion 2.1 speaker system offers amazing sound in a compact system all rolled into a $49.99 price tag. The price to performance makes purchasing this 2.1 speaker system a no-brainer.
by James Taylor
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We used the the manufacturer’s optimal settings and configuration as per the manual to test the speakers across all devices so we would have an even testing field. We tested the Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR306-BK 2.1 Compact Speaker using a wide range of devices, including a PC, iPod, iPad, and two Android Phones. We tested them with all types of music, movies, and games. The system took all of two minutes to setup and it was a breeze (which includes un-boxing the speakers).

During our testing, the Arions produced the same clear sound and rich deep bass across all devices. When watching movies or listening to music you get a full range of excellent quality sound with a great balance of strong bass and clear highs. You are able to hear every word crystal clear, yet the bass is still hard pumping. When listening to music with powerful bass, our minds were blown that a small compact system could produce this kind of sound.

Gaming was a true joy. I was able to hear directional movements clearly. I could even discern the distinct sound of a grenade hitting the ground right before I died. I’ve always prefered headsets to speakers when gaming but I had no problems using the Arions, as I was still able to hear and make distinctions for different sounds. The only gripe I had with the Eagle Tech Arion ET-AR306-BK 2.1 Compact Speaker is the positioning of the volume/bass controls located on the sub. It’s not really a problem if you’re just using these exclusively for your PC (or are using digital volume controls), but if you use them for all your devices, then the placement is not ideal, especially since the sub sits under the desk and not on top. The speaker system is small enough to fit the sub and satellites on your desk permanently, but I just don’t like having it on my desktop.

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    I like that you guys test a lot of products most sites don’t. Big thumbs up there. But in the future it would be nice to have an everyday object next to the product being test as a size reference. It’s hard to know how big something is without something to scale it against.


    hi, the information you have provide about this Arion speaker is really good and according to its reviews, i am thinking to consider this. Most of the times, i get frustrated form my daily work and that time i need music. Because music is the only thing that can make people relax from their daily busy life.


    Good review. I have been looking at purchasing this setup and you review cemented that decision. It would be more helpful if I didn’t have to look at several pages to get a short review like this. I don’t look at advertising anyway, so the extra time I spent trying read the review only resulted in annoyance on my part.

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