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Eagle Consus T-Series

Posted May 7, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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I’ll admit it:  I’m not a marketing guy.  I can’t tell which product is being marketed to whom here; I just handle the hardware.  From what we’ve seen here, the Consus appears to be the enclosure you want when your old-ish microATX machine doesn’t have room for any more old-ish IDE drives, or simply when you want semi-permanent external storage.  It looks good but isn’t meant to be messed with on a regular basis. The aesthetics are great, so if you want an external enclosure that you will put on your desk and will rarely swap drives, then the Eagle T-Series is a good choice. It’ll get the job done and look great doing it. Eagle offers a few different T-Series models, and depending how many features you want, they’re available for approximately $25-$50 on average. The base model without the connection frills is a good deal and will do the job just fine, particularly if you don’t need e-SATA connectivity and do want IDE support, perhaps for an older archive drive.

The iNEO, on the other hand, is a portable hot-swappable lifesaver-in-training; it doesn’t waste time with musty IDE drives or looking pretty, just slam it home and get the job done.  This is going to come in seriously handy when a friend or family member needs a hard drive diagnosed.  The aesthetics aren’t quite as sharp as the Eagle T-Series, but it still looks good. It’s more refined, and a bit less flashy. However, on the functional side of things, the iNEO really jumps ahead in terms of convenience for swapping drives and flexibility, offering SATA and e-SATA support. It really provides a very strong showing here.

In the end, both the iNEO and T-Series offer some very good features, but they both go about it in very different ways. It really depends on your personal style and what your component needs are. Do you prefer form over function? Do you need greater portability and convenience? If you prefer a bit more style and want to just install a drive and forget about it, then we’d recommend the T-Series enclosure. If you need greater portability and want something a bit more conservative looking, then opt for the iNEO. Each one has its strong points, and has similar performance where they can actually be compared. Neither is wrong, but if we had to pick a winner in a head-to-head choice, we do think the iNEO is a more complete package, offering excellent performance and functionality in a tasteful aesthetic.

Eagle Tech T-Series

Eagle Tech iNEO

Our thanks go to Eagle Tech for providing the iNEO NA305J and T-Series for this review.



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