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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Posted December 30, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $299 on E-Win's Site


Very Comfortable! Great Build Quality, Nice Feature Set, Price after Promo Code is Excellent


Simply put, the combination of comfort, quality, features and price make this chair perhaps the best one to buy, overall, on the market right now.
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by Josh Jackson
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E-Win has what I would consider a “practically perfect in every way” chair with this Champion model. Quality, features and comfort are all top notch. It even seems like the chair sells out frequently which doesn’t surprise me. If you like to have a more detailed visual look at the chair, check out my video review below, especially for the thorough look at the assembly process.

The final consideration is looking at the price. When I first set out looking at gaming chairs, $200 felt like my hard limit. I can say that there is some pretty decent options in that range. E-Win is offering this Champion for $299. While that’s certainly more pricey, let’s talk about what the extra money gets you. First, there’s the features. We have a large weight limit, better armrests and good size for the chair. The big selling point for me though is the substantial bump in the comfort level. I’ve tried several low to mid $200 chairs and nothing comes close to how E-win feels, even if the straight ergonomics are close to the same level. E-Win has what I consider a perfect balance of quality, comfort, features and price in that I have to recommend this chair as a must have if you can spot the cash for it. Because of that, we happily award the E-Win Champion Gaming Chair the Pure Overclock Editor’s Choice Award!

If the current price wasn’t already good enough, don’t forget you can enter the promo code “PureOC” at checkout and get an additional 15% off!





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