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E-Win Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Posted December 30, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $299 on E-Win's Site


Very Comfortable! Great Build Quality, Nice Feature Set, Price after Promo Code is Excellent


Simply put, the combination of comfort, quality, features and price make this chair perhaps the best one to buy, overall, on the market right now.
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by Josh Jackson
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I’m a firm believer now that everyone who uses a computer heavily needs to own a good gaming chair for their station. It’s not because gaming chairs are cool, even if they kind of are, but mainly because they all seem to be built with heavy emphasis on ergonomics as well. If you are like me who play games a lot, getting a good gaming chair that will let you play longer time with comfort. You might as well want to visit here to find good games to play. There’s been little that has affected my lower back issues nearly as much as what having quality seating has done. Unfortunately, there has been numerous competitors cropping up in the market and a buyer can have a really hard time finding the right chair for the right price. At some point, you have to wonder if spending close to $1000 would be worth it, but most of us would be extremely skeptical of that. E-Win has been making some heavy pushes to break into the market and we’re going to look at one of the Champion series chairs to find out how well they do. Let’s take a quick look at the values of the company, then we can dive into the rest of the review.

EwinRacing chair was newly founded in 2016 after being a leader OEM office chair manufacturer.

With the development in design and research, we strive for a professionalization in gaming chair field. Ever more, in order to bring you a healthier working and relaxing environment, we will continuously pursue humanism in design and manufacturing ergonomic gaming chairs. What’s more our strict quality inspection process and standard ensures you a better chair for better life.




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