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Diamond Multimedia WPCTVPRO VideoStream Wireless USB PC to your TV

Posted April 4, 2013 by Vinny Petronio in Monitors







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Price at time of Review: $99.99 US


Build Quality, Easy to install, Small footprint, Wireless, Streams video and content to HD TV,


Only works in one room, must have clear line of site from PC / Laptop to receiver, Price, Gets very hot to the touch, & can only operate at short distances.
It Works as advertised but I would not recommend it for gaming. It streams video as advertised, and would be great for office presentations.
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by Vinny Petronio
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Summary and final thoughts:

The Diamond VideoStream couldn’t be any easier to install and get up and running. After installing the software I connected the receiver to the TV and the USB transmitter to my laptop. After 5 or 10 seconds of flickering I saw an image of my Laptop screen on the TV and sounds were now coming out of the television speakers. I didn’t have to do anything special with the configuration of the video or audio using the HDMI; it just connected and worked.

At times during playback there was a bit of a lag between the source which was my laptop to my TV. It was maybe a 1/2 second delay, and with that I have to think that this device may not be suitable for gaming. Video performance at times was somewhat spotty, but all in all I had some good results playing movies. Every so often the audio would stutter, and artifacts were clearly visible on my television, but this should come as no surprise, and can be attributed to my slow internet connection. It could also be the bandwidth of the HDMI video is far greater than the USB 2.0 bandwidth at 480 Mb/s. By sending the HDMI signal uncompressed out of a 2.0 USB port it is bound to create some signal loss.

Overall I really like the Diamond VideoStream, but feel it is priced a bit high and better suited for office slide shows, or maybe conducting some type of training through video presentations. I had no trouble with the setup or connections as long as I was in the same room with a clear line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver. If I had to nitpick at all it would be that I achieved somewhat mixed results with HD video, though most of the time the video quality played just fine. Also, streaming video will have a tendency to drain your laptop battery pretty quickly, so be prepared to plug it in if you’re going to be viewing for an extended length of time. The USB transmitter gets really hot to the touch during movie playback. It was so hot I was concerned it might fry from the heat.


I’m impressed with the Diamond VideoStream and how it’s able to push so much content through such a small device, especially through USB 2.0. Although priced a bit high at $99.99 US, the Diamond VideoStream actually did perform as advertised, and was an easy device to install. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for a device to eliminate cables across the floor and want to stream content and video from your computer or laptop wirelessly, then the VideoStream from Diamond will do just that. It may be just what you’re looking for, and receives Pure Overclock’s Good Hardware Award.

DIAMOND Multimedia VideoStream Wireless USB PC to TV











    Hi, this looks like a good device, with the heat generation do you think it would last in an environment that was left on 24/7? Or could you recommend a product that might be more suited?

    Vinny Petronio


    Leaving it on will not generate a lot of heat it only gets hot when your streaming video


    I bought DIAMOND PC to TV Wirelessly last week and happy to watch my laptop screen saw wirelessly on my Samsung HD LCD 40inTV. But I found that the system was not really support to transmit video file wirelessly to my TV. 🙁


    I have 3 questions: 1- my desktop is in another room that has a glass door on it and it is about 30 feet away – will this transmit OK in that scenario? My second question is: 2- how can this transmit in 1080p quality when it uses the VGA port on your TV? I thought VGA technology was not up to that? Is there another similar product that has a stronger WIFI transmitter on the market yet?


    This gadget works rather well, but it takes a lot of experimenting because the instructions are minimal, vague and misleading. (1) downloading the driver took a a lot of tweeking. Finally it just happened from plugging in the gadget into the USB on the computer (which the instructions say you’re not supposed to do) and which did not work the first time. (2) Audio was a complete mystery. Normally VGA has no audio and can’t carry HD TV signals. The instructions claim it is interchangeable with HDMI! However, NEITHER HDMI nor VGA carry the Audio. On Day 2 of installation I discovered that, to get audio, you need to insert an audio wire with 3.5mm plug into the gadget beside your TV screen, and connect the other end of that wire, with Red & white RCA plugs, to the “Audio IN” of your TV screen. (Of course, such a wire is neither provided nor mentioned in the skimpy instructions!) Then you have to fool with the Audio settings on your computer to get proper sound at the right volume. After a few complete days of experimentation, based a familiarity with such technology, you can make this gadget work rather well. Its a shame that they don’t hire competent writers for the instructions. There are none in Spanish or French and those in English are completely inadequate.


      Further to my comment earlier today, my audio now functions correctly through the HDMI cable, alone (as it should with HDMI). But the VGA cable still does not carry sound (as is normal with VGA) and needs an audio cable to be connected in parallel. The audio outlet on the receiver also has other uses – one can plug earphones into it and listen to whatever you are sending to the screen from your computer, with no sound to bother others in the house. (most North American TV sets don’t have an analog sound outlet for earphones). There are two other outlets on the receiver – a USB outlet and a small outlet like those for connecting to Mobile phones. I have not yet been able to discover what either outlet is for. Thus, it seems to be a useful gadget and meets my need – but it is far from simple and lacks the basic instructions on how to set it up and use it.

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