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DeepCool Quanta 750W Power Supply Review

Posted February 13, 2015 by Jake in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $130


Tasteful styling; flat cables; Excellent performance; Well priced


Slightly noisy fan; More SATA cables needed
Strong entry for DeepCool into the power supply market with a great blend of features and performance.
by Jake
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DeepCool is new to the power supply arena, and it wouldn’t be unfair to call them an underdog. Once in awhile, the underdog comes through, and the Quanta 750W is one of those instances. It’s certainly a great first effort by DeepCool, with a solid product that delivers very good features and performance, doing it in style as well with the unique finish that’s wonderfully scratch-resistant. The styling has nicely detailed gold-coloured highlights, and along with the blue LED, it’s a tasteful aesthetic that’s not brashly overdone.

The internal design thankfully wasn’t cramped, though the small heatsinks required the non-silent fan to push a considerable volume of air to keep things cool. It’s an interesting move to see DeepCool going with CWT, and it’s a good move with their relationship to Enermax proving popular in the market. Regardless, from a functional standpoint, the Quanta is 80PLUS Gold certified, and performance was very good with solid voltage regulation and ripple suppression, with very good efficiency. Though the fan kept the unit moderately warm to the touch even when being tested under full load for an extended period of time, the fan is also just slightly noisy at higher RPMs. That said, any graphics card fan will easily drown out this one, so the net effect is a moot point.

Further, DeepCool included a large assortment of flat-design modular cables that will support the latest multiple SLI/Crossfire setups with an easy to use connection design. We are fans of the flat cable design, as they’re a bit easier to tuck out of sight when cleaning up the inside of a case for a clean aesthetic. However, we would have liked to see a few more SATA connectors included.

Styling and performance are tastefully done, but what about price? Availability is a bit scarce, but it can be found for about $130 or so, which is quite competitive for 80Plus Gold certification and modular design. it’s not the cheapest nor most expensive, but the quality earns the price tag in our opinion; solid performance and features count for something in our books, as we love great bang for the buck when it comes to quality computer components.

Considering the reasonable pricing and great performance, we think the DeepCool Quanta 750W is a great choice for consumers. DeepCool has certainly made a strong start into the power supply market.

DeepCool Quanta 750W



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