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DeepCool Neptwin CPU Cooler

Posted November 22, 2012 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $51 USD


Excellent cooling performance and pleasing aesthetic design, Easy installation


Clearance issues with Tall Heatspreader RAM
Great performance to value cooler with vibrant aesthetics to please any user.
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by Kenny
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Now that we have taken a look at the DeepCool Neptwin CPU Cooler, here’s our overall impression. From a design stand point, DeepCool did a great job on the aesthetics of the Neptwin CPU Cooler. Its vibrant colors and its unique heat sink design really makes this cooler stand out from the crowd. While the Cooler theme may not fit the bill for every user, we enjoyed it very much and thought it was outstanding. Additionally, DeepCool did a great job with the installation hardware right down to the accessories package included with the cooler. Everything was top notch.

From a performance stand point we feel that DeepCool really hit the mark with the Neptwin cooler. While we tested this cooler with only the 2 fans provided, they have included hardware for a 3rd fan installation. This can yield slightly better performance, but from our past experience it may yield maybe a 1-2c at best; however, you will generate more noise from its 3rd fan which may or may not be a good thing for the user. Overall we feel that the DeepCool Neptwin Cooler provides excellent results. Even with our processor overclocked it proved capable of maintaining acceptable operating temperature. We think DeepCool really has something great here and its outstanding aesthetic appeal really pushes it over the top.

Of course, take note that larger coolers like this one tend to block the RAM Dimms and this one is no exception. While this can’t be blamed on the cooler, always use precautions when purchasing larger coolers like the DeepCool Neptwin.


The DeepCool Neptwin CPU Cooler is not widely found in the US Market. This cooler can be found overseas in Europe and Asia, it can be found for about 40 Euro which is about $51 US dollars, which is a great price for an outstanding product. The cooling performance and aesthetic appeal of the Neptwin earns our Editor’s Choice Award.

For more information on where to buy DeepCool’s products you can visit www.DeepCool-US.com and click on the where to buy link.



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