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Deepcool M6 Notebook Cooler

Posted June 18, 2013 by Sandy Bruce in Cooling







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Release Date: Available Now
Price at time of Review: MSRP $49.99


Good cooling abilities, great sound quality, good ergonomics, reasonable price, overall design.


Too large to transport daily, no place to store cables.
When it comes to the cooling and the 2.1 sound system built into the M6, there just isn’t anything that can compete. No other notebook cooler that I am aware of has both solutions built-in like this.
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by Sandy Bruce
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DeepCool looked to address two ongoing issues that have surrounded notebooks since their creation, offer adequate cooling and a quality sound system in one package. The M6 addresses both of these shortcomings in one sleek and stylish solution. The 140mm fan spinning at 1100rpm does a great job of maintaining low CPU and other main component temps while being near silent. The M6 creates enough air flow around the notebook to keep your lap from roasting. As a bonus it stopped my hands from sweating during long work sessions. Having an adjustable fan speed, 4 port USB hub, optional additional power and the ability to use almost any source for audio inputs are features you just don’t find on most notebook coolers. Just imagine playing a game to your own soundtrack by using your Smart Phone playlist instead of connecting the audio jack to your notebook while still using the M6 for cooling. That’s a great feature! Also, the 10 degree angle of the M6 made it comfortable for long work durations.

When it comes to the 2.1 sound system built into the M6, there just isn’t anything that can compete. No other notebook cooler that I am aware of has a built in solution this good. The two tweeters are great at voice, music and sound effects, without sounding weak or distorted. But, good high frequencies are useless without having the lower end to fill in the spectrum. This is where the subwoofer comes to push the M6 over the top. Because it is built into its own chamber, it is able to create the rumbles and bass lines to really immerse the user in the game or movie being played. The M6 doesn’t have a dedicated volume control knob so you are stuck relying on your notebook for sound level adjustments.

The Deepcool M6 offers so many features and outstanding sound but does so at a penalty: its size. It’s a very large notebook cooler. The M6 is not heavy by any means, but the extra air space needed for the speakers and the height to provide the 10 degree angle make it impossible to fit in most notebook bags. You will also have to keep track of two more cables for when you are ready to use it. Retractable USB and audio cables would have been a nice feature to have. Just plan on keeping it in the location where you game the most. By all means take it with you if you are staying out of town for a few days, but transporting it back and forth to work is out of the question.

Even with the few drawbacks, the M6 stands alone as a gaming notebook cooler and sound system. The M6 is currently priced around $49.99. Compare this to buying a notebook cooler and a separate quality sound system and you really see the tremendous value. Deepcool has hit a homerun for mobile gamers and entertainment junkies by creating an immersive sound system that happens to keep your laptop/notebook much cooler. The design, features and price of the Deepcool M6 made it an easy call to award our PureOverclock Editor’s Choice Award.




    Good review! This laptop cooling pad is the first of its kind I believe. So the size do come as a hindrance for its mobility? That’s interesting… maybe something Deepcool can improve in the future. 🙂

      Sandy Bruce

      Thanks for the comment. It is the first of it kind that I have seen as well. You have to remember this cooler is mostly geared towards gamers. Gaming laptops actually don’t travel as much as you would think. They tend to be stationary but the user enjoys the option of taking it with them if they need to. So the size of the M6 isn’t a hindrance to most Laptop Gamers since it will be sitting in place more often then not. Anyone that enjoys music while working will also benefit from the M6.


    I have a ASUS that has been overheating around the 2nd month of owning it. I wish I could have had this before because the cooling pad I bought barely gets the job done and cost more. Could have saved myself a lot of headache. I’m definitely going to have to get one of these. Thanks for the review Sandy.

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