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DeepCool Gamer Storm TF120 Fan Review

Posted August 12, 2015 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $17


Excellent Build Quality, Great Aesthetics, Removable Blades, Included Zip Tie


Average Performance, Slightly Noisy at Full Speed
These fans are going to give you solid case air flow and they will work great for a system that needs good quality but with a more aggressive gaming look over a more toned back professional look.
by Josh Jackson
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TF120 WhiteI have to say that overall, I really like these fans from DeepCool. Of course that’s because having hardware that looks cool is really important to me and I can’t think of a single fan that looks cooler (is it still cool to say cool?) than the TF120. The 2-layer blade design didn’t seem to add a lot to performance, but what it may lack there it certainly makes up for in appeal. The design is great looking, the build quality is excellent, and the LEDs are very nicely done. As far as fans are concerned, the Gamer Storm TF120 gets my first prize for being the best looking fan in the market.

The performance is where I felt like these fans could use some improvement. I did a quick check just to see how the fans measure up in other tests around the web and while they seemed to do pretty well, I also had a lot of competition to deal with from Noctua. The air flow isn’t terrible, but average isn’t what I was hoping for with the 2-layer blade design. With close to 1800 RPMs, these fans should be holding their own at the top of the charts and they weren’t able to do it. Still, the airflow isn’t terrible and I don’t feel like you would walk away from these fans feeling let down. Noise levels are going to be slightly higher with those higher RPMs, but the pitch of the noise is what makes them sound worse than they actually are. However, it doesn’t take much to bring the noise levels down which means you can still retain most of the airflow.TF120 Package

With two categories out of the way, all we’re left with now is availability and price. Here in the US, I can’t find these fans available anywhere at the time being. None of the major e-tailers are carrying them and if any smaller ones are, I didn’t run across them. On the other hand, I was able to find the cost by finding a youtube review that mentioned a $17 price tag. If these guys show up for that price on Newegg, I think that would be solid for the quality being offered. There’s nothing about the TF120 that feels cheap and once again, I really like the ability to remove the fan blades which makes cleaning and oiling a breeze. These fans would easily last you a life time if you took good care of them. Taking into account the trifecta of looks, performance and cost, I easily award the DeepCool Gamer Storm TF120 the Pure Overclock Great Hardware Award!






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