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Deepcool Frostwin

Posted May 12, 2012 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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The Deepcool Frostwin is a twin tower, front-to-back design, and we’ve seen this increasingly since the advent of the Noctua D14, which popularized this highly effective design and spawned several clones by competitors. The twin tower design allows for better air circulation as one fan inserts in the center area and the second fan is on the outside (away from your memory modules) for push and pull configuration. As things look, the Frostwin may not interfere with memory modules but we will check this out in our hardware installation section shortly.

Here is the Frostwin naked with no fans. The extensive aluminum finials should provide good cooling, and they are well spaced for good overall air flow. Each tower has four copper heat pipes and it looks like a good air cooler so far. We will have the performance results for both AMD’s Bulldozer and Intel’s Sandy Bridge and Sandy Bridge “E” processors in this review, so we’ll see if performance can match the looks.

The copper heat pipes pass through the base and directly contact the processor. This direct touch design has proved to be the most effective cooling method for most heatsinks.

Lastly, here are the two Deepcool fans that are included with the Frostwin. The fans are not high RPMs, nor are they noisy. They are rated as 1600 RPM. and operate at a maximum of 55.5 CFM, which should provide some fairly low noise levels at 21.5 dbA. The fans feature P.W.M control (Pulse Width Modulation) with a 4 pin connector. For those not familiar with PWM, the system digitally takes over, automatically adjusting the fan speeds according to the temperatures. As the system generates more heat, the fans will pick up speed to provide better cooling. As the system simmers to idle, the fans ratchet down. We like to refer to this as “cruise control”.

By the looks of the Deepcool Frostwin, the design, base plate and air flow look very good. The fans have a bevel like shell and we will see how this fits with various platforms.

Let’s install the Frostwin on a few platforms and see how things shake out.

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