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Deep Cool Gammaxx S40 CPU Cooler

Posted April 18, 2013 by Will in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: Approximately $30 USD (Availability timeframe is unknown at this time)


Great performance/size/price ratio, quiet even under load. Easy mounting system. Great top expansion slot clearance.


Slight interference with first RAM slot (although very negligible).
The Gammaxx S40 performs great for its size and price and is also ultra-quiet.
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by Will
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Unboxing and a Closer Look

The Gammaxx S40 comes packaged in a glossy white box with full-color images. The front of the box shows the cooler and some basic features and specifications.


The back shows the cooler without its fan. It also highlights Deep Cool’s CTT (Core Touch Technology) which is just another name for the HDT we’re accustomed to hearing.


One side of the box lists the basic specs of the cooler in thirteen different languages.


While the other end shows the unit’s dimensions and details its specifications.


When you open the top of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is the cooler with the fan pre-installed sandwiched between a pair of plastic trays. There is also a white box containing instructions and mounting hardware.


Here we have the cooler and accessory box removed from the main box.


The cooler itself is rather on the small side compared to many others. The first thing you’ll notice is the 120mm fan’s funnel-like frame to help direct most of the airflow through the cooler’s fins.


The top of the cooler has the Deep Cool logo stamped into it. Here you can see the lip of the fan’s frame that helps direct airflow. You’ll also notice that the 4x6mm heat pipes are staggered to allow maximum surface contact with the moving air. On the backside of the cooler you can see that each fin has an array of tabs stamped into them. These tabs connect the fins internally and help direct airflow.


Here’s a rear-facing shot showing the airflow tabs in better detail.


With the fan removed the tower looks similar to just about every other single-tower design out there.


The base of the cooler comes from the factory with Deep Cool’s own TIM pre-applied.


With the factory TIM removed you’ll notice the CTT (or HDT) design where the heat pipes will directly contact the CPU’s heat spreader.


The base is machined flat and even though it’s machined it’s machined very finely leaving a pretty nice surface finish.


The fan is a Deep Cool brand 120mm fan with a specially-designed frame that acts as a funnel to help force as much air as possible through the heat sink. The fan is terminated in all-black wiring and a 4-pin PWM connector.


The rear of the fan doesn’t feature any identifying label or specs but Deep Cool lists the fan as 12V, 1.56W, 0.13A, 55.5CFM (max) with speeds of 900~1600 RPM and 17.8~21dBa noise levels. You’ll also notice here the four rubber feet that help dampen vibrations between the fan and heat sink.


Included in the accessory box is a set of instructions along with mounting hardware for both Intel and AMD. Deep Cool chose to make installation simple and the Gammaxx S40 utilizes OEM-style mounting setups for both Intel and AMD.


Let’s get onto the installation phase!

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